30. oktober 2011

Ginger bread hat

Thanks for your congratulations on my pattern in "Eplas Jul".! Here comes another Ginger bread pattern!

Once again a new design is inpired by a comptetition.... Not the design itself, because I had had that in my head for a while, but the fact that it's coming now. Pinneguri told me that Mauds garn is asking people to upload a hat on their facebook page within November 1st, and she thought of me. So the Ginger bread hat was made. Partly knitted in Italy, it has even been on the top of Vesuvius!

The hat is worked in a new acquaintance for me,
Drops Nepal, a blend of wool and alpaca.
The result is a thick, warm, and still soft hat.

The pattern is ready! The Norwegian version has been test knitted by Babben. Thanks a lot, Babben! Babben used Sterk from Du store alpakka, another blend: 40 % alpaca, 40 % merino, 20 % nylon, which obviously worked fine too. (Exept for the felting.)
The English pattern is ready to be test knitted, if anyone is interested. Choose five from eight different motifs,
or draw your own in the blank chart.
The ginger bread couple is felted and embroidered.

You can buy the Norwegian pattern here, $ 4.50.

28. oktober 2011

Have you heard of Epla?

"Epla" is "Norwegian Etsy". Did you know they have published a Christmas crafting book, "Eplas Jul"?

Eplas Jul - Christmas crafting

And do you know who has a mitten pattern in the book? Shown on the back side of the book:

Do you recognise these mittens??

It's my Ginger bread mittens! And lots of other Christmasy ideas. I'm waiting for my copies, so I haven't had time to look closely at the book yet, but I had a sneak peek in my local grocery store. If you live in Norway, you can find it in your local store too!

25. oktober 2011

Knitting in Valdres

 "Fishing in Valdres" is a famous Norwegian song,
by Vazelina Bilopphøggers.
I was not fishing but knitting when I was in Valdres in September.
And here's the result, a new version of my Stella polaris hat.

It's worked in Hubro, a bulky yarn from Dale of Norway,
so it's a quick knit.
Three stars around the hat,
and then the decreases on the top results in fourth star.

The pattern is available in Norwegian, $ 3.00.
The English version is beeing test knitted.

24. oktober 2011

Effectivity in pot holder photographing

 This is my 3rd pot holder in the pot holder swap, sent to Knitnetty.
Pattern of central flower: African Flower Hexagon

Pattern of this side:  Fargesterk grytelapp from Olavas verden

I think I can say that the swap has been a success (although I'm still waiting for my third pot holder). More third round pot holders here. And the whole swap thread here. Non-Ravelry members can see some of the pot holders here.

23. oktober 2011

Autumn is here

Autumn is here by Torirot
Autumn is here, a photo by Torirot on Flickr.
I don't have any finished mittens to show you yet. These days I'm using the mittens I got in the mitten swap last winter. I love the colours, and the knitting is very neatly done, by Laura. She's designed them herself, but I'm not sure she's published the pattern. But she has many other nice patterns.

22. oktober 2011

I have some serious mitten finishing to do

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13. oktober 2011

Pot holders #2

Yesterday I sent my third potholder to Knitnetty! So it's about time to show you potholders number two:

Here's the red one I received from AnnetteK .
Nice, red and thick! Thanks a lot!

And this is the one I sent Annepålandet. She wanted blue, and it's mostly blue, isn't it?
I think she liked it.
Pattern is "Something pretty" by mille makes, a Norwegian blogger.
 Inspired by one of Dottie Angel's many thrifty finds.
Here are all the pot holders I have received and sent.

11. oktober 2011

King Håkon gloves 1940

I have a new contact on Flickr, Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway). They show lots of interesting, old photos. Today these gloves popped up on my screen. Aren't they amazing?

(For non-norwegian readers: "Alt for Norge" is the king's motto, meaning "All for Norway". The king was Håkon the 7th, hence the monogram, and April 9 was the day Norway was invaded in 1940.)

Via Flickr:
Beskivelse: Foto i konvolutt fra NTBs krigsarkiv, konvolutten merket med teksten: ”Overalt i Norge kan man finne V-tegn, H7-tegn eller Leve Kongen. De finnes på alle plasser, så det er ikke vanskelig å skjønne hvor nordmennenes hjerter er.”

Arkivreferanse: Riskarkivet, PA-1209_Ue110_002, NTBs krigsarkiv, Ue 110.

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