31. mai 2012

Close race

Close race between my two newest mitten patterns!

Which is your favourite?

25. mai 2012

One sheep, two sheep ....

Pinneguri  inspired me to knit some sheep!


I had several hours on the train in front of me, and needed something small to knit. So I grabbed some suitable left overs from my Shetland wool type yarn, mostly Finullgarn, some Kauni, and some unknown.


It was a fun knit (I want to make more sheep!) and I'm happy with the colours I found in my stash. But summer is finally here, and I can wait some months to wear it. It will certainly go with me to Shetland in October!

ETA: The pattern is of course Kate Davies' brilliant Sheep Heid! Highly recommended.

20. mai 2012

Congratulations Chelsea!

Free hat pattern! (Not just today and not just Chelsea - the football hat patterns are all free all the time)

You find the Chelsea hat pattern  here.

Chelsea hat

I would have preferred Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Champions League final though - with Barcelona winning, of course. There is a Barcelona hat too:

Barça hat

19. mai 2012

Calling out for summer

"Rop på sommer'n så kommer'n" is a Norwegian saying, meaning "call for summer, and it's coming".

So I'm calling out by making a new pair of shorts! Inspiration found here, shorts made from table runner. I used a scarf. Just enough fabric for a pair of shorts. Ready for summer!

And a flower belt to spice it up even more! 

Waiting for summer...

First flower after Olavas pattern, found on her blog, in Norwegian, but with lots of photos. 

Second flower from Lucy in the Attic's super cute "Happy Flower Decoration". 
There are lots of projects on Ravelry.  

Third flower is a Lily, found here.

I would have loved to go outside in my new outfit (there is a "new" black top from Fretex to go with the shorts, too). but due to rain and 5 degrees Celsius, I'll probably be better off with a a pair of gloves.

Anyway, in May we still have the hope for a long and sunny summer. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

10. mai 2012


I've been meaning to tell you about our trip to Stockholm. But it is taking time, with four football playing boys, May is probably the most busy month of the year. Not good for blogging, nor knitting. 

But Stockholm was great! Weather was nice and sunny, leaves were green, flowers pink. 

We walked a lot, in "City", "Gamla Stan" (Old Town) and Sødermalm. There were lots of tourists. Which is no surprise, because Stockholm is a beautiful city. And although I love Oslo, I must admit, Stockholm is something else.

Before leaving, Johanne ("Born to knit") sent me several ideas on where to go for crafters. Here's one yarn shop in Gamla Stan. The shawl is just beautiful! But I am not patient enough...  

Also in Gamla Stan we came a cross a fun and colourful yarn shop: HappyColor. I just had to make some photos, only to see afterwards that photographing is forbidden. A bit weird, I think. But I won't break the rule, so no photos from me. But someone else has taken photos, allowed or not. Have a look here.

Of course there were coffee breaks!
The last day, we went bananas in this ribbon and button store!
Mattsons Band, thanks Johanne,  we would not have found it if it weren't for you.

Paradise for buttons lovers!

Buttons and ribbons, for a coat - when I find the time....

Looking for the king!

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