26. mai 2013

A riddle, in a way

I have designed the July Mystery mittens  in the "I make mittens" group on Ravelry. - "En gåte på en måte" 

Pattern will be free for participants in the Mystery KAL during the month of July 2013. Links for the pattern will be posted in the group on the 1st, the 5th, the 10th, the 15th, the 20th and the 25th of July. Any Ravelry member can join the group. Quite a few have joined already, so I think it will be fun.

23. mai 2013

Be prepared!

Remember the scout hat I made this winter?
I made one adult, and one child version.
The Norwegian pattern was test knitted by Anne and Judith
I'm now happy to announce that the English pattern 
has also been test knitted, by Lynn,
 who also happens to have a scout boy to wear the hat. 

Photos © lhensley, borrowed with permission.
Pattern in English or Norwegian,
Speiderlua alltid beredt (Be prepared scout hat) 
by torirot design : $ 4.50

20. mai 2013

torirot in Norwegian

When I started blogging more than four years ago, I had just had two patterns (Hippocampus and Amiga) published in a British online knitting magazine,The Inside Loop (now discontinued). I had many online knitting friends that did not speak Norwegian, so it felt natural to start blogging in English. But obviously, my Engish is not as goot as my Norwegian, so I sometimes feel it would be interesting to write in Norwegian. So now you can find me in Norwegian also. But fear not, I will still be posting here in English. The two blogs will be about the same topics, mainly knitting, but they will not be identical, so feel free to follow me both places.

15. mai 2013

Ready, go!

The Blomekrans knitalong officially starts today!! This is my swatch. Come join the fun!

11. mai 2013

Colour & Creation on Pinterest

My most recent pins were so pretty together I just had to save and share:

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest.
The first photo is pinned to my Knitting board, the second to my Colour board, and the third to my Sewing board.

9. mai 2013

Mittens in May

It's May, and finally trees are getting 
that beautiful green, promising shade. 

In spite of the season, I have cast on a new pair of mittens. 
Colours inspired by spring, though. 
(Some left over Kauni Rainbow yarn.) 
The mittens are for the Projo Mittenalong on Facebook
that I recently joined. Ravelry project page here.
(what yo see is what you get, 
Drops patterns have such boring names...)

I'm omitting the patterned cuff, working a 2x2 ribbing. 
I'm working the ribbing flat, as you can see. 
I often do that, mostly because I'm lazy,
but also because I think my ribbings 
are often prettier when worked flat. 

Here's a lonely, lost mitten I found on my Sunday walk the other day. 

Happy spring knitting, everyone!

If I were not busy with too many projects, 
I would have joined Pinneguri's girl dress KAL.
But there is a secret test knit I have to finish (nearly there), 
then there is another secret project, my own, new sweater design, 
that I don't think you'll be seeing in a few months, 
so just forget I told you. 
Then there is a half finished girl tunic already, 
so casting on another would not be the best idea. 
Then I have to swatch for my Blomekrans sweater, 
and the KAL starting on in less than a week. 
Busy, busy...

6. mai 2013

Weekend news: Wintery Saturday, Springy Sunday

Last snowman on Saturday

Anemone hepatica on Sunday

(and some secret knitting....)

2. mai 2013

Blomekrans knitalong

As I told you recently, there is now a torirot design group on Ravelry. Feel free to join and to visit!

On May 15th we start a KAL for the Blomekrans vest. It's very informal, no strict rules. Some of us are going to turn it into a sweater, like one of my test knitters did, maybe even a long sleeved version. Some have already started. Here's a link to the pattern page.

I was lucky to get my hand on some Wollmeise from Knitnetty's stash earlier this spring, which I hope to turn into a colourful Blomekrans sweater. We'll see how that goes. I'll use blue for background, green for leaves (obviously) and the two others for flowers. And what's left after the body is done, will be used for stripy sleeves. What do you think? 

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