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15. februar 2010

Selbu Sea Horse Mittens - free pattern

This is a “Selbu version” of my Hippocampus mittens, originally published in the Winter issue 2008 of The Inside Loop (now closed). Some people (from Selbu, which is a place in the middle of Norway, not far from Trondheim) have criticized Terri Shea’s book about Selbu mittens, saying that not all of her mittens are authentic Selbu mittens. Then the Norwegian publisher of the book announced a competition; they wanted knitters to send a photo of their best Selbu mittens. So I was inspired to make a mitten that would pretend to be a Selbu mitten, but that the “Selbu purists” certainly would not accept. Just for fun :-) I don't know what the criteria for a real Selbu mitten would be, but I've read somewhere that animals are not allowed, so these ones are definitely bastards. The text says “Selbu mitten or not” and “This is a real mitten”. If you want to make yourself a pair, you can download now , the pattern is a gift from me.

The pattern does not offer detailed instructions on how to make Selbu mittens. You find the charts that I used (with small modifications (hopefully improvements)). I also offer a mitten palm without the Norwegian text, and one blank palm where you can write your own text if you wish. 

Have fun!

10 kommentarer:

Erica sa...

I love these mittens :) Thank you so much for sharing!

Judith sa...

Dette må være vinnervottene!
Så tøffe!


Disse var kjempefine!!! Sukk, men når skal man få TID til å strikke alle disse fine vottene som dukker opp overalt hele tiden...??? Har lyst til å strikke et par til av Peace and Love også, i andre farger. Luksusproblemer!
Ha en finfin uke!

Elios sa...

Selbu version looks great. :)

LillaManilla sa...

Å, desse var fine! Super oppskrift, takk :)

marit sa...

Så stilige! Jeg har nettopp strikka etpar Selbuvotter, med mønster fra et Raumahefte(i samarbeid med Selbu husflid), og der var det reinsdyr på annet mønster hadde katter...(og så var det jo en med elg! Den må jeg visst strikke til søsteren min...)
De er ikke helt konsekvente!

torirot sa...

Thank you for your nice comments!

"Ser det ut som selbuvotter - er det selbuvotter" var en kommentar til vottene på Ravelry. Kanskje det er en grei definisjon?

Yarndancer sa...

These mittens are fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern, I can definitely see myself making these very soon!

SIONA sa...

¡son unos guantes preciosos!
un abrazo,

mary jane sa...

good for you! love your bastard mittens!

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