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6. september 2011

How long is a tractor?

- or what's the shape of a knitted stitch?

My colleagues know I like to knit. So they showed me this photo in a magazine, a knitted dress, with tractors and traditional patterns, by Moods of Norway.

There's no way I'm going to knit (or wear!) a dress like this. But I could not get the tractors out of my head.

I searched for a chart, and found this (scroll down a bit to see the tractor chart. Perfect, I thought.

When copying the chart, I soon realised, I'd have to change the wheels. Otherwise, the tyre woud be flat, since knitted stitches are wider than they are tall. But I forgot to change the rest, so I think the tractor looks a bit long. I meant to make both tractors the same, but made a counting mistake on the second, so this one is shorter, and looks better, doesn't it?

Recognise the yarn? And the project? Not finished yet, too many pot holders to make...

5 kommentarer:

Mary Lou sa...

Oh you must do a hat with the tractors! It's hard to work with the shape of the knitted stitch sometimes, isn't it? I spent lots of time with the wolf on my wolf hat, trying to make him the right shape.

Tora sa...

Lekkert! Enig i at traktorene var fine - OG at det er en kjole for de spesielt interesserte. Men dette må da være et passende prosjekt for heldress-Merete..?

Pinneguri sa...

Tora, hun vil til og med være vakker i den!
Så utrolig stilig kjole, og mønster. Kom snart tilbake fra gryteklutplaneten og vis oss mer, T.!

Anonym sa...

amazing dress !

Elanit sa...

VARFÖR skulle du aldrig bära en stickad klänning med traktorer på? Det vore väl helt perfekt! Ett drömprojekt!

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