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Patterns to buy

Lillehammer mittens 5$
Lillehammer mittens #2      

Stella polaris hat 3$ 
Knitting in Valdres - Stella Polaris hat      
Stella polaris mittens 3$ 
Stella polaris mittens      
Buy mitten and hat pattern together and get 1,50$ off:

Pepperkakevotter 4.50$
Blomst mittens 4$
"Blomst" mittens
Blomster hat 3$
Blomst hat       
Buy mitten and hat pattern together and get 1$ off:
Both patterns are available in Norwegian and English.

Selbu Peace and Love Mittens * Votter for kjærleik og fred 5$
Peace and love mittens for groom      
Selbu meets Holland * Selburosa i vinden 4$
Selbu meets Holland       
Lullaby Love 5$
Lullaby love
Scrap gnomy alias Striped pointy color 6$
Easter gnomy
Star gazing hat  Stjernekikkerlue 5$
Stargazing hat  --o-- Stjernekikkerlue       
Phantasy 3.50$

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