31. mars 2009

Vaila verde

Today I finished my green Vaila by Gudrun Johnston.

I'm so happy with the result!! My swatch gauge was 17, and I knit size 38, thinking that I would end up with a size between 38 and 40. But it turns out my actual gauge was 18, as called for in the pattern. No harm done, the sweater fits perfectly.

I used Du Store Alpakka Tynn Alpakka (100% alpaca) and Rauma Lamullgarn (100% wool), one strand of each held together. The result is a warm, but not too thick and heavy fabric. I think there are lots of mistakes in the lace part, but I don't believe anyone will notice. And if someone does, we can probably have an interesting chat about knitting..

I highly recommend the pattern! It's very well written, easy to follow.

If I should have made any new year resolutions this year, one would have been to try new knitting techniques. This pattern taught me two: Spit splicing (why haven't I leart that before??) and Old Norwegian cast on (a version of long tail cast on, that gives you a purly look). Probably noone will notice that I have used that cast on for the purl part of the ribbing either, but it's nice anyway.

6 kommentarer:

Pinneguri sa...

Den ble kjempefin, og jeg er misunnelig. Nei, ikke misunnelig, jeg tenker: Åh, sĂ„nn har jeg lyst pĂ„ ogsĂ„. Og det har jeg ikke lyst til ;D)
Fint garnvalg, tydeligvis perfekt. Og sÄ grÞnt da. Er fargene fra de to garna like, eller blir det litt melert overflate ved nÊrmere tilsyn?

torirot sa...

Tusen takk! den var ganske grei Ä strikke, selv om det ble vel mye vrangstrikk for min smak (enda jeg strikket ermene vrangt, dvs rett om du skjÞnner..) Det er nyanseforskjell pÄ garnene, sÄ det blir litt melert. Har ikke prÞvd Ä strikke med to forskjellige garn pÄ den mÄten fÞr, men det ble bra, synes jeg.

Aline la BergĂšre sa...

Yay! great sweater. I would like to learn that cast on. I hear about it but haven't tried to find the instructions yet. Love the colour for sure. A.xx

gletting sa...

Denne mÄtte jeg sette et pent hjerte pÄ pÄ Ravelry. genseren, fargen og utsikten er aldeles strÄlende!

torirot sa...

Aline la BergĂšre, there is a nice tutorial in the Vaila pattern, easy to understand. And you can find video tutorials also.

Gletting, takk:)

thorvalda sa...

Den var nydelig! Kjempefin genser og nydelig farge.

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