13. september 2016

The three year sweater

I started this in May 2013. I knew it hat been a while, but was surprised to see how long. Ravelry never lies...

This was one of the main projects I had in mind when I challenged myself with the Finishing&mending2016 in January.

And finally it's done!
And I love it!

I usually am not a fan of Superwash yarns - but for a fitted sweater like this it has one advantage, well two, maybe, when you include the fact that it can be easily washed: It is not as warm as a woolly wool sweater would have been, so it's easier to use. Especially since my husband and I do not agree on the temperature inside the house. I think it's perfectly normal to wear a wool cardigan, while he wants to wear a t-shirt only. I'm sure you all support me!

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