25. juli 2012

Mittens and places #4

Knitnetty has won a comtetition to make the Bærum mitten!
A nice pair, too (as all her mittens). See here.

Eidsvoll husflidslag are having a competition
 to make an Eidsvold mitten
for the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution 
(signed in Eidsvold May 17th 1814)

Here's the invitation. 

I have a mitten design in my head,
 but have not had time to knit nor write a pattern. 
There's still three weeks left to deadline, 
so if you're interested, go ahead.

23. juli 2012

... fourteen sheep, fifteen sheep...

Will make more.

Btw, I heard on aknitting  podcast from HoxtonHandmade,
 that 70 sheep
will participate in the Olympic opening ceremony in a few days

So stay tuned for more sheep!

19. juli 2012

Torch man in summer...

Can you see the torch man?

Now you see it!
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The hat is beeing test knitted,
and my testers are struggling with the short row ear flaps.
And so am I, trying to write down what I did,
 counting, drawing, counting, knitting.
But I think I've come up with a brilliant solution now.
Just have to test it...
Will try it on another hat,
modifying the edging on this hat:
the cycle race beanie.

Hope you're enjoying summer out there! 

13. juli 2012

Tortoise and hare - finally reached goal!

Tortoise and hare

If you have visitied my Ravelry page during the last year or so, 
you will have seen this in progress photo.
But this summer, I've been trying to finish old projects
before starting my holiday knitting.

And finally, here is my "Tortoise and hare"-t-shirt.
It's worked in merino wool, and I'm sorry to say,
it's not too warm to wear in the middle of
this cold and rainy July.

The pattern is the 

The pattern is well written, 
as all of her patterns are. 
I did a mistake and forgot one row of animals 
before the arm openings.
I realized before I cut the steeks for the arms, 
but I figured it would be ok, I was too lazy to rip it.
It is ok, but I notice when wearing it, I  keep pulling it down. 

The sleeves came out wider than I expected. 
I don't think I can blame the pattern, though. 
>My gauge was 30 sts per 10 cm in the stranded part, 
and 26 sts in the sleeves,
no wonder they're a bit wide.. But I can live with that, 
and with the forgotten row of hares (or was it tortoises?), 
because I just love it!
(I usually go down in needle size for plain stockinette stitch, 
but I forgot it this time.)

Yarn: Main colour: Pickles Baby Merino. The yarn is very soft,
and I love the resulting fabric, 
but it's a bit splitty, so you have to pay attention when knitting.
Contrasting colours: Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino ,
mentioned earlier here

5. juli 2012

Provence beanie

This is such a fun knit, if I may say so myself. 
I had to make anohter version:

I have included this beanie version in the same pattern,
using the same charts.

The Norwegien pattern is almost done.
But, dear Norwegian readers:
What do we call a beanie type hat in Norwegian??
And what do we call "long-tail cast on"?

And if you want to test knit - please say so! 
(I have testers for the beret)

2. juli 2012

Stash buster anyone?

You can use lots of scrap yarn for this scarf! 
Or you can add more rows of flowers and make a stole! 
You need appr 5 m (5,5 yd) of each color for one row. 

Have fun! 

Pattern available in English. 
Price 4 $.

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