26. juni 2010

Wavy baby vest

Just thought I'd share this vest before giving it away.
It's been outgrown for a while now.
Made it a few years ago, size appr. 2 years.

The stitch pattern is my own:

1. row: hdc, (number of stitches multiple of 6, + 1
2. row: * sc, hdc, dc, trc, dc, hdc* repeat from * to *, end with 1 sc.
3. row: * trc, dc, hdc, sc, hdc, dc, trc * repeat from * to * end with 1 trc.

The yarn is Rauma Finullgarn and Rauma Babygarn.

25. juni 2010

Christmas gift along - J u n e

In June I've been busy knitting my yellow birds sweater, so the Christmas gift is just a pot holder. There will hopefully be another one to go with it.

The central pattern is from 250 crochet stitch motifs , a modified version of Floribunda, p 49.

21. juni 2010

"Estrenando mis pájaros amarillos"

"Wearing my yellow birds for the first time!"

In Spanish they have one word meaning "wear for the first time" - estrenar. I like that! We don't have a similar word in Norwegian, and, as far as I know, not in English either (correct me if I'm wrong!)

So here I am, wearing my yellow birds:

This was such a fun knit (apart from the currogated ribbing, that is). I can see why Jettshin has made so many. I have another one in my head - but there are other projects to finish first...

My gauge is 23 for the body (needles 2,5 mm) and 28 for the yoke (needles 3,0 mm). It sounds like a huge difference, but the fit is perfect. The yellow yarn from Ninukka is a little thinner than Wollmeise, but it doesn’t matter, I think.

This was my first project with Wollmeise, and I do see why people love the yarn som much. My problem is that we have a meeting at work every Friday morning when the shop updates, so it's hard to get. We might have to change our meeting time...

EDIT June 26: For some reason, the commenting link on this post is invisible, but the comments are still there, and you can still click on the where the link is supposed to be, and make a comment. Don't know what's happening to Blogger - any ideas?

20. juni 2010

Visiting Valdres

This year's summer party at my work was held at my favourite hotel in Valdres, Herangtunet. Do take a look at their amazing rooms. You can also read about the place here (Norwegian).

The day after the party, we went hiking before returning home.

Glacier crowfoot or glacier buttercup,(Ranunculus glacialis),

"Issoleie in Norwegian.

Purple mountain saxifrage, (Saxifraga oppositifolia),

"Rødsildre" in Norwegian

And since this is a knitting blog:

I was glad to have brought my fingerless mitts,

(Garter stitch mitts by Ysolda)

16. juni 2010

Sock sadness - and madness

Last year I was amazed by all the people who joined the 52 pair plunge, planning to knit 52 socks during the next year. At least two of my knit blogging friends have finished their 52 pairs: Erica and Pinneguri. Congratulations! And Annepålandet has joined for the next 12 months. Good luck!

My plan was less ambitious, two pairs of socks. And this is my progress - so obviously I didn't make it.

So, my ambition for the next 12 months is to finish this pair. I also want to try Pinneguri's new sock pattern.

14. juni 2010

Trying on my yellow birds!

It's such a fun knit!!
I'm so happy with the colours.
The purple is Wollmeise.
The contrasting colours are from Ninukka (etsy shop).

12. juni 2010

The fun has begun!

Yoke knitting and FIFA world cup!

I'm happy about the two week sweater challenge form Twist collective! I was procrastinating because I don't like to make corrugated ribbing, and needed a little push. As you can see, I've started with garter stitch in stead of the i-cord cast on in the pattern (I've tried i-cord cast on once, but was not very successful, so I need more practice before using it on a sweater).

PS I'm not that interested in football. But the rest of the family is. And if you can't beat them, join them. (And I can knit.)

PS2 Wow, England just scored a goal, I have to watch!

10. juni 2010

Mexican colour and craft - and Twist collective's two weeks sweater challenge

I've decided to join Twist collective's two weeks sweater challenge (ravelink). I'm not going to make a whole sweater, but I intend to finish this one. It's my version of Paper dolls (ravelink).

I wrote about the pattern and discussed the colours in an earlier post. Let's say I've been inspired by Mexican colours - I'll make the birds yellow on purple background, and use red and green for the rest of the pattern - at least that's what I think today.

And here some Mexican colour and craft to brighten up your day!!

Tapestry crochet

8. juni 2010

Selbu mitten contest - here's my extra price!

Here's the extra price I won for my Selbu Sea Horse mitten.

Two skeins of this yummy Hifa yarn, Ask - with their colour chart. I've never used this yarn before, but it looks and feels very nice. And so many colours, 87 to be precise! And I know that the Norwegian designer Tora Frøseth uses this yarn, so it must be good.

This yarn obviously has to become mittens. Maybe one of these two, a couple of favourites from Terry Shea's book, which was also part of the price. Or maybe Knitnetty's horse mittens, "Blå blå Blakken".

I love this white and orange colour combo!

3. juni 2010

A Norwegian friend

My amiga cowl is now available in Norwegian!

Mono asked me if she could use my neckwarmer pattern as a "bonus pattern" in Norsk strikkeforum's "Hat of the month" knit along. So that was a good occasion to translate the pattern into Norwegian. It is now available as a free Ravelry download: download now , then choose amiga.norwegian.

(And happy birthday to my pretty model!)

Mono also makes the cutest little stone stitch markers.

These are mine!

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