4. mars 2009

Easter gnomy for sale!

I kept picturing my scrap gnomy in warm yellow, orange and red colours, so I had to dive into my stash and give it a try. I must admit I'm quite happy with the result:

Mods: Didn’t want to knit with needles 2 mm, so I cast on 110 for the hem, and increased after the folding. Changed the first stars a little bit, to reduce three colour stranding from 4 to 2 rounds.

Yarn: Fingering yarn from stash.

Size: Child (hat circumfrence 45 cm)

The hat was made for fun, and so far doesn't have an owner. It's up for sale , to raise money for a football ground for the kids in the neighbourhood. (It's a Norwegian site, but payment can be arranged via paypal if other people are interested.)

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