14. september 2010

My aunt's stash

My aunt has been a prolific knitter. But now her fingers won't let her knit so much anymore, so she offered me a big bag of her stash. Hard to say no... My new year resolution was to reduce my stash, but resolutions are easily broken.

The yarn is mostly wool and cotton, for which there will be no problem finding projects. But there are also several skeins of a mohair/acrylic yarn, grey with red and pink spots. What to do with that?

The project is at the moment called What the .... will I do with this yarn??? I found a pattern in one of my books (Color Style: Innovative to Traditional, 17 Inspired Designs to Knit) and decided to try the Mohair Fair Isle sweater, by Mari Lynn Patrick. Interesting to see if it works out and becomes wearable, or not. Time will show.

I'm making several modifications, due to my preference of working in the round, in general for stockinette, and especially for stranded colourwork. So there will be steeking, and then I'm planning to pick up stitches and work the sleeves top down. Also partly because I'm not sure how far my skeins will reach.

4 kommentarer:

Ulla-Bella sa...

Her var det mye flott garn:)

Vibekes lille grønne sa...

Klart du må ta imot garn som kommer dumpende helt gratis! :) Skulle til å skrive at du må gi bort garnet med akryl i, men ser jo at du har et prosjekt på gang. Blir spennende å se hvordan det blir etterhvert! :)

torirot sa...

Jeg tok det som en utfordring, å se om jeg kunne få til noe brukbart av dette mohair/akryl-garnet. Vi får se... Det blir i hvert fall ikke helt som mohairgenserne vi strikket på 80-tallet...

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