5. juni 2012

Torch man's hat

So who is the torch man?

He was one of the design elements for the Winter Olympics in Lillehamme rin 1994. And he's still alive and kicking, but the forest owners threatened to let him die. Now he is saved for some time, thanks to Linda Eide. You can see her programme here. (All Norwegian links, I'm afraid.) Althoug I live quite close to the Torch man, and often see when out skiing in winter, it was that programme that inspired me to make this hat. The recipient lives even closer than me, and can see the Torch man from his terrace. 

There's a pattern in the making! 
Here I'm working on the smallest size. 


4 kommentarer:

Flowermouse Design sa...

Simply amazing!!!!! Tori, your are a genius!!! I saw that program and so much fun to see all the work put into that figure - and that it is preserved for some time. Now it will be for always because of you!!!!

Gitte sa...

Wauv,what a lovely blog you have,-:)I have to join you,love your mittens and hats

CeltChick sa...

Love the hat! Love the Torch Man!! I'd never heard of him before, now I hope he can be maintained. Your mittens & hats are wonderful; someday I'll be "brave" enough for that type of colorwork.

torirot sa...

Thanks for nice comments!

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