30. september 2011

Christmas knit along - September

Just a quick visit to show you the September gift. Details on Ravelry.

Icelandic Roma Shawl

28. september 2011

Another redesign tunic

Between knitting, football and pot holders I have been able to do a little sewing:
I found this skirt at Fretex second hand shop.
I liked the fabric and the colours, but I seldom wear long skirts.
So I turned it into a tunic in stead:

The sleeves are from a shirt, that had som ugly stains on the front.
I'm quite happy with the result. Makes me want to do more sewing.

23. september 2011

September shawls

Vibeke is celebrating her 2nd blog anniversary with a shawl give away! Two lovely knitted shawls!

You can join by commenting on her blog post.

Mornings are cold, and I am wearing the shawl I knit this summer for the TTL summer shawl KAL.

I am working on a 2nd shawl for the KAL, but will not be able to finish in time for the KAL (which is today) - Well, US time, so if I stay up all night.... no I won't. You can put the blame on the pot holders. But in a short time I'll have another nice shawl. Or maybe I'll give it away for Christmas. I'm using Icelandic laceweight for the Roma shawl.

18. september 2011

News from potholder planet

Pot holder swap 2011, pot holder received #1

I have received my first swap pot holder! Isn't it pretty! BeritKristine sent it to me. Thank you, Berit!

Pot holder swap 2011, pot holder received #1

And here's the one I sent to Babben, who has received it all right. I have been trying to photograph both sides at a time, as you can see. Would have been easier with a third arm...

The lizard side is just free fom crochet.  I made a drawing, and tried to make the lizard look like the drawing, more or less. Then filled in with background, decreasing and increasing with different stitches to make it a circle. And then some embroidered decoration. It was fun!

The other side is Annepålandet's pot holder pattern, a big fave!

You can see more of the pot holders here and here (Ravelinks) and on Flickr.

15. september 2011

Tractor tee

Zaz wrote me a beautiful comment on Ravelry: "you made a tractor poetic and the fuggly sari yarn has a new side to it (....) here it is like a klee paintings touches of bright"
My husband calls it a fake.
Marguerite (who sent me the yarn) worries the sari silk might bleed. (I have changed the comment settings, Marguerite, so you should be able to comment directly on the blog, now. And I can reassure you, no bleeding after machine washing in cold water.)
Pinneguri asks me to come back from the potholder planet and show you more.

Ok, a little visit, here it is, my tractor tee!

The pattern is Striped top from Vogue knitting/ Designer knitting Spring/summer 2011. A long list of modifications:

Different yarn with a different gauge (18 in stead of 20). So I used stitch count for size 33 to get appr. size 37. My MC was Abuelita Organic Cotton from Pickles, and the CC Namaste Sathi Fils arc-en-ciel (recycled silk), given to me by Marguerite.

Worked top down, in the round, starting with a k 2, p 2 ribbing. Raglan increases kfb twice, every 2nd round till i had enough sts, then without increases till armpits.

Omitted stripes and added a different yoke pattern, and pattern/stripe at bottom and sleeves.

Hip shaping (like the raglan increases, but every 4th round five or six times)

That’s it, I think. The pattern was nice to use as a template, might use it again.

6. september 2011

How long is a tractor?

- or what's the shape of a knitted stitch?

My colleagues know I like to knit. So they showed me this photo in a magazine, a knitted dress, with tractors and traditional patterns, by Moods of Norway.

There's no way I'm going to knit (or wear!) a dress like this. But I could not get the tractors out of my head.

I searched for a chart, and found this (scroll down a bit to see the tractor chart. Perfect, I thought.

When copying the chart, I soon realised, I'd have to change the wheels. Otherwise, the tyre woud be flat, since knitted stitches are wider than they are tall. But I forgot to change the rest, so I think the tractor looks a bit long. I meant to make both tractors the same, but made a counting mistake on the second, so this one is shorter, and looks better, doesn't it?

Recognise the yarn? And the project? Not finished yet, too many pot holders to make...

4. september 2011

Amazing paperwork

Who said it was easy?


Amazing paperwork at Maihaugen by Karen Bit Vejle!

On Thursday 8th, the artist herself will do a guided tour of the exhibition.

So if you have the chance...


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