30. juni 2011

Tourist at home

Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist in your own town.

Today we visited Maihaugen.

Young girls in one of the old houses, making "hosoband".

Somebody had done crochet, too.

I love these old mountain farms!

And all the flowers!

Natural and artificial:

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26. juni 2011

Sunday lunch at Skafferiet

A beautiful summer Sunday.

Skafferiet at Hovinsholm.

Helgøya, Hedmark, Norway.

No shopping today, just looking. (They have an online store, too.)

Nice clothes. but all quite expensive. I prefer Fretex and redesign.

But the place is really nice, they had a tasty midsummer salad, a delicious raspberry limonade, coffee, cakes and icecream, perfect for a summer Sunday lunch.

22. juni 2011

Butterfly tunic

More than twenty years ago, a good friend of mine made me a yellow butterfly summer top. It was a swap, I sewed her a skirt, she didn't know how to handle a sewing machine at the time.

The skirt is long gone, but I've kept the top, even though I haven't used it much. It was cute, but a bit to short for my belly...

Since then, my friend has learnt to sew. In easter, during her dress exhibition, I was inspired to turn the old top into a tunic, using an old college sweater from my father and some lace ribbon.

Redesign is fun! My friend has an Epla shop now (Epla is the Norwegian version of Etsy).

20. juni 2011

A different view

On the blog "How about orange" I learnt that you can get different views with Blogger: Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, or Timeslide

Here's a Flipcard view of my blog: (Click on the photo to get the up-to-date version).

Or see a Timeslide view here. Those are my two favourites. On "How about orange" you can get a lot of other nice tips - check it out!

Btw - thanks a lot for all your comments on my redesign cardigan - and for all other comments, I do appreciate them.

18. juni 2011

Birthday hat #2

"Ilsetra at 40", made for a friend and colleague.

A second version of my pattern Ilsetra.

Needle: 3.0 mm
Yarn: Pickles Extra Fine Merino

The yarn is very nice, soft, with a good stitch definition.

Modifications: Two skiers are substituted with the initials of the recipient.
Ø is the 28th letter in the Norwegian alphabet.
(There are three letters after Z: Æ, Ø, Å)

The original Ilsetra hat also ended up as a 40th birthday gift.....

8. juni 2011

Red sweater redesign - a small tutorial

A sweater made more than twenty years ago - now with several stains.

I machine stitched and cut.

Zig-zag around the edges.

Picked up stitches for ribbing, around 2 sts every 3 rounds. K2, p2. Short rows for shaping around the neck. Four buttons holes.

Embroidery over the stains - and a bit more.

Fun with colours and stitches!

Stains gone!

Fake leather buttons.


Et voilà! A new cardigan!

A fun project!

If you need embroidery and knitting inspiration, check out this blog.

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