30. juni 2011

Tourist at home

Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist in your own town.

Today we visited Maihaugen.

Young girls in one of the old houses, making "hosoband".

Somebody had done crochet, too.

I love these old mountain farms!

And all the flowers!

Natural and artificial:

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Lenge siden sist jeg var på Maihaugen nå - utrolig koselig og fint der!
Og gratulerer med bryllupsdagen!
Ha en finfin helg!

Carolina sa...

I think being a tourist at home makes everything fresh again.

Mary Lou sa...

How lovely - sometimes it is fun to visit your own backyard.

Anonym sa...

What a beautiful place to call home!

torirot sa...

Anne - si fra hvis du vil ta deg en tur, så skal jeg vise deg rundt (har faktisk jobba som omviser i mange somre tidligere)

Carolina, Mary Lou and Frederica - thanks for your nice comments!

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