23. februar 2012

Warm wrists for you?

Life is busy at the moment, I was not able to show you photos of the puff stitch wristwarmers this weekend, but here they are. These are for a friend whose birthday is tomorrow. you can make your own from this free pattern, Elf Clobber, offered by Kerstin.

17. februar 2012

Puff stitch!

I love the new crochet stitch I've learnt -
the p u f f    s t i t c h !

Hope to finish and show you an FO this weekend.

9. februar 2012


Have you seen this series? Lilyhammer, as they say in English. We love it here in Lillehammer, it's fun! But we wonder if other people enjoy it as much as we do. What do you think?

Anyway, the Lillehammer mitten pattern is ready. Only in Norwegian at the moment.

Pattern is test knitted by Pinneguri. The look pretty in her colour choice, I think, red and gray.

Or go to the Ravelry pattern page here.

3. februar 2012

Cold weather, warm cowl

DSC00249 by Torirot
DSC00249, a photo by Torirot on Flickr.
The other day, my cowl came back from Iceland. I wore it for the first time out skiing today (seminar 3,5 hours lunch break.) As you can see, the weather is cold (around 20 degrees below zero) but iI can assure you, the cowl is warm!

Have a nice weekend!

PS Link to Ravelry pattern page here. The hat is my design too.

2. februar 2012

Have you heard of the Texas Blind Salamander?

I hadn't, till I saw Yarnstarved version of my Lizard mittens on Ravelry.

 Acording to Wikipedia  the"Texas Blind Salamander(Eurycea rathbuni)is a rare cave-dwelling troglobiet amphibiannative to San Marcos, Hays County, Texas".

I liked Yarnstarved version and story behind it so good that I asked her permission to share it on the blog. Here's what she writes about it on her Ravelry project page:

"I love the story behind these mittens. I saw Torirot’s lizard mitten pattern while cruising around Ravelry one day and decided my 7-soon-to-be-8-year-old nephew Tim might like them for his December birthday, so I called my sister and while we were on the phone my sister asked him if he liked lizards and his reply was that he really liked Texas Blind Salamanders! Tim is a little science guy and proceeded to describe these unusual critters that only live in the water-filled caves along the Edwards Aquifer near San Marcos, Texas. They are completely blind because they live underground and have blood red external gills on their necks. Sadly their conservation status is listed as threatened because of pollution and water overuse caused by growing cities. After being educated about these creatures by Tim, I pulled up pictures of them on the internet and modified the lizard mitten pattern by removing the eyes. I also added in Tim’s name and the year on the palms, and after knitting them embroidered the gills on the necks of the salamanders. Auntie Alice has done her small part for conservation because I am sure that Tim tells everyone who notices his mittens all about Texas Blind Salamanders. So don’t pollute and turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth!"

I'm off to this year's seminar at Ilsetra, hoping for nice weather for skiing, and time for knitting.

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