23. oktober 2013

Ready for Lilyhammer, season 2

with a new Lillehammer hat . . . . .

 . . . . . we're ready for Lilyhammer season 2!

Can't wait to see why they had to keep the Chrismas decorations up until March.

If you want to knit a hat while watching, you find the pattern here.

11. oktober 2013

Next year in Lerwick?

No, it's not finished, still one sleeve to go. But looking good so far, I think. 

The Shetland Wool Week is going on this week, and I'd love to be there. You can see a bit of what's happening on Jamieson & Smith's blog. And see what I was up to last year here. I hope to go back next year. 

6. oktober 2013

Lillehammer hat in English

The pattern is now available in English!

It's a hat in stranded colourwork hat with skiers and snow motifs, inspired by Lillehammer ski races.  The garter stitch brim with ear flaps is worked flat, ear flaps formed with short rows. The rest of the hat is worked in the round.

The gauge is 22 sts in 10 cm, so it's a relatively quick knit. And it's fun to see the skiers grow - "just one more round". My hat is worked in Rauma Mitu, a wool/alpaca blend, really soft an warm. 

If you start now, the hat will be ready for winter. 

or check out the pattern page on Ravelry

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