30. august 2013

Secret mission in Hoorn?

Recently, a friend of mine posted this Facebook update:

"During our stay in Spain, someone in Hoorn put all the light poles, trees, electrical panels and even fountains in knitted garments. I have a feeling that my sister Nina or friend Tori have been here with a secret mission."

I will not confirm or deny anything...

20. august 2013

I'm dreaming of a white....

Or rather, I was dreaming of it, and decided to make one. 
Different white wool yarn, 
different sized squares,
different patterns. 
Mostly worked during lectures at university many years ago. 
For some years now, it's been in desperate need of repair, 
which I recently got around to do: 
Ta dah! A new bedspread.

15. august 2013

Another mystery

I have joined Westknit's September Mystery Shawl!

I have heard so much about his wonderful patterns and KALs, but I have never tried any of them. In September I will! In the meantime I'm trying to finish as many UFOs as I can....

1. august 2013

Mystery solved!

Mystery mittens are popping up all over Ravelry 
- see the finished mittens here.
I amazed at all the different versions, different colour combinations and different takes on the embroidery. 
So much fun!
Knitters from Canada, Norway, Estonia, Sweden, France, 
USA, Belgium and  England have finished mittens.

Finally I have finished both my mittens too. 
I did another variation on the second star. 

The July Mystery Mitten Kal is over. 
If you like the mittens, you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry
or via the link below. 

There will be another mystery KAL in the
 "I make mittens" group in October, by RoseHiver, 
in her Ravelry store. 

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