24. november 2013

5 years anniversary! Join the giveaway!

Just over 5 years ago, I started this blog
in The Inside Loop. 
(This online magazine was discontinued shortly after, 
but I'm still going strong :-) )

So, to celebrate, I'm doing a giveaway!
If you comment on this post, you can win this project bag, 
with some stitch markers, a skein of hand dyed, icelandic lace yarn, 
a book mark from Shetland, and maybe some other goodies...
You also win a pattern of your choice. 

Four other winners, can also have a pattern of their choice. 
Five years, five winners.
Just make a comment saying which pattern you would like to win,
 if you're a lucky winner. 

The yarn, is the same yarn as I used in this shawl, details on Ravelry.

The give away closes on December 1st, 
and the winners will be announced on December 2nd 
(if nothing comes in the way.)

19. november 2013

What happened to the Mystery shawl?

I eagerly cast on the first clue, 
and enjoyed knitting the holes and the stripes. 
Then another project caught my interest. 
When I went back to the shawl, I had already seen all the clues. 
I didn't care for the shape, and I was unsure about my third colour. 
So I just picked up sts at the broad end of the long triangle, 
and worked stripes, decreasing every third stripe 
till there were jus a few stitches left. 

And here it is! I love the colours, and I love that it's so long. 

It can be doubled, and then wrapped twice around the neck.
It's soft and warm.
The yarn is Pickles Merino Tweed.

Already a favourite!

5. november 2013

Finished fairisle!

I recently finished my fairisle sweater!
 I'm quite happy with it, if I may say so myself. 
More details on Ravelry.

There will be a pattern, eventually...

About last post: I was not able to see the whole knitting TV night 
last weekend, as I had to work. 
But it's still available to see online,
 so there is still a chance for us who couldn't see it all.

Knitting evening here, knitting night here 
(where they tried, but did not succeed in beating the 
"from sheep to sweater"  world record from Austrailia.)

1. november 2013

Welcome Wovember

You can follow the WOVEMBER BLOG here.

And tonight is National Knitting Evening (Nasjonal strikkekveld) on Norwegian television. Read about it in Engish here and here.

Happy knitting night!

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