20. mars 2011

Christmas knit along - M a r c h

Another pair of mittens from Norske vottar og vantar, Damevott med lilje, for the Christmas knit along, Julegavesamstrikk 2011.

I used yarn from stash, the green is Tove, the white I'm not sure, some sport weight, superwash wool.

The Lily pattern is beautiful, but the sizing is a bit strange, I think.

The pattern asks for gauge 28/10 cm. No row gauge is given. My gauge was 30 sts and 30 rows per 10 cm. The mittens circumference is ok for my hands, but they are too short, only 13 cm / 5,25 inches from thumb to top (maybe I have unusually long hands? I don't think so, btw, medium sized mittens usually fit me just fine). Luckily the receiver of these mittens have shorter hands than I, so I think they'll fit. The thumb, however, is long enough for me, so the mittens might be a bit wide with a long thumb..... I also think the thumb placement is too far inside the palm, I could have moved it, of course, just didn’t think of it at the time.

This mitten book features patterns based on old mittens, so I if the original mitten was wide and short, so is the pattern (it seems to me, anyway). There are many beautiful patterns, so if you pay attention to the sizing, and add or remove some rounds if needed, I can still recommend it.

The Lily, as I said, I think is beautiful. The thumb pattern is nice too.

The ribbing is plain k 2, p 2.

5 kommentarer:

knitnetty sa...

Vottene ble vakre :) Heldig er den som får så fin julegave.

Mary Lou sa...

I have found some older patterns to have the same problem. Maybe our hands are longer than our mothers were? Or they didn't want to use too much yarn?

Yarndancer sa...

They're beautiful! I really love all the colourwork you do (I've probably said it before, but it's so true!)

Pinneguri sa...

Kjempefine, men jeg skjønner hva du mener med fasongen. Godt tips å ha med seg når (hvis) jeg skal strikke dem. For de kan jo bare forlenges i startet i stedet.
Du er flink som leser dette med strikkefasthet. Selv om jeg skriver mønstre og informerer om det sjøl så har jeg filla peiling! (Ups, håper ingen leste det der siste.)

skb sa...

Flotte vottar, med litt butt fasong. I gamledagar var dei ikkje så høge som oss, så sannsynlegvis var hendene ikkje så lange heller :)

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