1. mai 2009

Sad news

I had my first patterns published in The Inside Loop, and I found many other interesting patterns in the magazine, so I was sad to hear that there will not be any more issues, at least for some time. Yesterday, Diane wrote this in The Inside Loop Ravelry Group:
We regret to have to announce today that we will not be running any more issues of The Inside Loop until further notice. The economic climate is affecting us, and at this stage we are unable to offer the quality of publication that we believe in.

The archived issues will stay exactly where they are for now, and will never become unavailable. If we descide to restructure the hosting set-up we will let you know, but they’ll always be somewhere!

We hope to return when circumstances allow. We have really enjoyed running the magazine and the opportunities it has given us to work with many very talanted designers. Thank you all for your continued support!

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