31. august 2010

Selbu meets Holland

These mittens have been finished for a while, but I wanted to show them off first when the pattern was ready, either for testing or for sale. But life is busy at the moment, so here they are, with no pattern yet. (I have made a Norwegian version of the pattern, but I have to improve it after one test knit, poor Sigrun had a little trouble understanding certain parts, and I don't blame her. Her mitten looks very nice, though.)

The blue yarn inspired me to make these mittens - they made me think of Dutch tiles. Again I played withe the selbu rose, here they've become the wings of a wind mill. The yarn is Hacho from Mirasol, lovely to knit with, but I just heard it's beeing discontinued.

27. august 2010

Christmas gift along - A u g u s t

July was holiday, but now in August I have a small gift to show you: A pot holder,to go with the June pot holder.

21. august 2010

Snella and Petronella button

I read a while ago on Pinneguri's blog, that you could win a button if you send Snella and Petronella a photo of a project with their buttons on. So I sent a photo of my Piper hat. And look what I got in the mail the other day!!

15. august 2010

A nice little square from France

I have tested this pattern for Sigrun. It's called Le Vesinet Square after the place she lives in France. It's a really nice pattern! I love the small circles, and you can get to use really small amounts of yarn. So there is no reason to throw away anything! I think I will use it in my now more and more modified Babette Blanket.

9. august 2010

Green and red

I obviuously like green and red! A few days ago, I made this from my Flickr favourites:

Red and green faves

1. Whit's Knits: Three Great Baby Sweaters, 2. cham3, 3. Oh! Picasso, 4. Frogs, 5. circle yoke pullover, 6. Classic Monster Booty 2, 7. mitten on, 8. sling (spt), 9. toad hands #10

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And today I realised, I had made another green and red mosaic a couple of years ago, that I had completely forgotten about. Similar, but different, none of the same photos.

Green and red favourites

1. i love these colors, 2. Socks-1, 3. A cardigan for Merry - front, 4. tea cosy, 5. Frog prince available!, 6. Funny Elephant Pillow, 7. age of empires sweardress over striped thrifted dress, 8. needle case, 9. manta + apolo

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7. august 2010

Irresistible new projects

Sometimes I just have to start new projects, in spite of all my wips (or maybe because of them..) Some days ago I cast on for a pair of mitten that I sketched during a lecture a couple of months ago (If I can't knit during a lecture, I often sketch patterns..) The mittens are inspired by the blue delft coloured yarn I had in my stash (Hacho, from Mirasol yarn). This again made me think of tiles from Holland, tulips, wind mills. And once again I played with the selbu rose.

Maybe it was these amazing Moulin Rouge mittens that made me go ahead and start my mill mittens? They are gorgeous, but I was not ready for a 10 per inch gauge project right now.

Then, Nanette had some nice colour knitting links on her blog (she often has.) One of them about a Latvian mitten KAL on Ravelry. I had just seen these mittens, and couldn't resist joining the KAL either. But I'm cheating, knitting at a more human gauge than Latvian mittens are supposed to - using fingering yarn, needles 3.5 mm and omitting one pattern repeat. So they work up quickly. Here's just the beginning of the cuff.

And here's another mitten pattern I just faved on Ravelry. It's free. Perfect gift for a mountain lover.

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