24. desember 2012

♥ 24 ♥ Happy Holidays! ♥

Me and all my gnomes and santas 
wish all my readers 

Happy Holidays!

God jul!

Thank you so much for following and commenting 
my advent calendar. 
I have enjoyed it, hope you have too!
I wish you a peaceful holiday,
however and whatever you are celebrating. 

23. desember 2012

✿ 23 ✿ Christmas trees ✿

22. desember 2012

✿22✿ Ginger bread house - I mean, motor home ✿

This year's ginger bread house is an RV, 
or motor home, as we learnt it's called. 
Here you can see the house from last year, 
and here some earlier houses.

21. desember 2012

♥ 21 ♥ Fairytale of New York ♥

Only a few days till Christmas. Enjoy this new version of Fairytale of New York, by Katzenjammer, Ben Caplan and TrondheimSolistene.

Or check out my post in last year's Advent Calendar, another beautiful Christmas song.

20. desember 2012

♥20 ♥ Walking in Oslo, with Odessa hat? ♥

This must be the place from Oslo Student-tv on Vimeo.

It's a video about walking and singing in Oslo.

I wonder if she has knitted the hat herself. It looks exactly like the Odessa hat, in my Ravelry queue.

19. desember 2012

✿ 19 ✿ White Christmas ✿

 And the weather forecast says it's getting colder, Looks promising.

18. desember 2012

♥ 18 ♥ Remember the torch man? ♥

Not? Have a look at my previous posts about him, 
and the hat.

Here the hat is modelled by the proud owner, 
in a wintery Øyer landscape, 
close to where you can see the real torch man.

Want a torch man of your own?
Check out the pattern on Ravelry:


17. desember 2012

✿ 17 ✿ Granny's granny square blanket ✿

This blanket was made by my grandmother 
and given to my parents at some point. 
I remember we used to have it at home. 

A while ago my mother gave it to me. 
Or rather, she said I could have it if I mended it. 
You can see a seam defect in the upper photo (bottom right).
There were several holes like that, 
and also a couple of squares that hat to be partly re-corcheted.

Which I did the other day!
And voilà!
Isn't it a beauty?
I think my mother will be glad to see it in or sofa 
when she comes for Christmas.

16. desember 2012

✿16 ✿ Home sweet home ✿

"Hjem" - home in Norwegian,
is a new, Norwegian TV-series. Read about it on Wikipedia here.
It's about three girls, who discovers they are half sisters.  

One of the sisters, Oda, often wears this really pretty cardigan. 

I love the pattern and the colours!

(Oda is played by Heidi Ruud Ellingsen)

It looks like a pattern from the fiftie's maybe, 
something my mother would have knitted when she was young. 
Somebody knows something more?

Tonight they show the last episode of this autumn, 
but I believe there will be one more season.

(Photos taken from web-TV, using prtsc and then cropping)

ETA: You can download the pattern for free; Nordkappkoften

15. desember 2012

♥ 15 ♥ Welcome to Atelier Kakao ♥

Lillehammer got a new café this year, with delicious chocolate of all kinds, Atelier Kakao. They also have tea, coffee, and warm dishes. I had a really nice spicy soup a while ago. You can read about it here, on Monica's blog.

I always make sure my mitts match the chocolate!

(Provence fingerless mitts: En rêvant de Provence)

14. desember 2012

✿ 14 ✿ Greetings from Lillehammer ✿

Lillehammer, Friday afternoon. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

13. desember 2012

♥ 13 ♥ "Lussekatter" ♥

I had a day off yesterday, and was able to make these. 

Hope they will be good for lunch today :-)

Not a very original post - 
here's what I wrote last year.

But what is Christmas about, if not traditions?

12. desember 2012

♥ 12 ♥ Re-finished object ♥

I made a sweater for my little niece two years ago.
She's still little, but not that little, a bit longer. 
So for Christmas she gets a re-finished sweater. 
The sweater is worked bottom-up, so when I made it longer,
 I couldn't use the same pattern. 
But I'm quite happy with how it turned out!
And glad I had left over yarn. 
There is even enough for a hat, I believe. 
We'll see.

11. desember 2012

✿ 11 ✿ Peace and love for everyone ✿


or more specifically, for eleven lecturers in Trondheim!

Almost a year ago I got an e-mail from Trondheim: 
A lady had bought my Peace and Love Mitten pattern
and she wondered if it would be ok if she 
(with some help from her friends, I believe) 
could knit more pairs and give them 
as gifts to the lecturers on a seminar she was organizing. 

I said yes, of course, and asked if she would send me some photos when the mittens were done. 

And here they are, the mittens with my card as a gift tag.

Well done, and thanks for the photos, Merethe!


10. desember 2012

✿ 10 ✿ torirot's scrap yarn collection ✿

I have revised my Scrap gnomy pattern. It was one of the first patterns I wrote, and I have now made the lay out look more like my newer patterns, and I believe it's easier to follow now, the charts are neater and so on.

5$ for the hat

 I have also included the pattern in a new e-book:
Three patterns colourful patterns where you can use your fingering and sportweight scrap yarn:
Lollipop legwarmers
Worked in a sport weight yarn, these legwarmes knit up fairly quickly. The legwarmers feature jogless stripes, colorful lollipops, cables, ending with a currogated ribbing.
A colorful, scarf, worked almost exclusively from the right side, using the ends as fringes. Thus avoiding purling in stranded pattern, and avoiding weaving in the ends. With no steeking either!
Scrap gnomy
All over stranded colourwork hat for toddlers, children or adults, with tassel and earflaps.
All patterns are available in English.
The legwarmer and the hat patterns are also available in Norwegian, and the hat pattern even in German.

9.50 $ for all three patterns

9. desember 2012

✿ 9 ✿ Pot holder swap - old news ✿

Here's the potholder I sent to Duvi in November

The theme was Flower Power.

8. desember 2012

♥ 8 ♥ Flowery mittens in December ♥

I finally finished these Provence mittens

Read more about the pattern here.

7. desember 2012

♥ 7 ♥ Dreaming of a white Christmas ♥

Still very little or no snow. 

One advantage - you can see the decoration on the manhole covers.

Greetings from Lillehammer!

Here's what it can look like:

Winter Wonderland

  This was Christmas Eve two years ago.

6. desember 2012

✿ 6 ✿ Pot holder swap news ✿

Here's what I got in the mail yesterday, from Myrtell

I think it goes nicely with the first potholder I received.
(Colours are more accurate in the first photo, 
I'm just playing around with Instagram)

5. desember 2012

♥ 5 ♥ Christmas theater- for children and others ♥

Last night, at Maihaugen, with Riksteateret.
Great fun!

If you don't know "Pulverheksa", you should get to know her. 
She lives in "Pulverskogen" with her cat and crow. 
There are several books about her.
I have not found that they've been translated. 
The author's name is Ingunn Aamodt, 
you can read abour her on Wikipedia in Norwegian 
and in Faroese (!) but not in English.

Pulverheksa is played by Maj Britt Andersen.

If you have the chance to see this before Christmas, it's highly recommended by me!

4. desember 2012

✿ 4 ✿ And now something crafty ✿

Christmas necklace

A couple of weeks ago, I went to cut my hair, and the hair dresser had this cool necklace. I looked like it was macraméed or crocheted. I didn't get a close enough look, nor did I feel I could photograph it. I complemented her on it, and could of course have asked to take a photo. Anyway, it was black and silver, made of joined circles, like these traditional Christmas decorations (see here).

So I figured, it must be easy to make something similar.

Here's how I did it:

I used to strands of yarn held together, one red, mostly cotton, the other gold, I guess light fingering yarn. Hook 3,5 mm.

First circle:
Chain 20, join with a slip st.
Ch 2, work 1 hdc in each ch, end with a sl st in 2nd ch. Cut yarn.

Next cirles
Chain 20, put chain through previous circle,  join with a slip st.
Ch 2, work 1 hdc in each ch, end with a sl st in 2nd ch. Cut yarn.

Last circle

Chain 20, put chain through previous circle and first circle,  join with a slip st.
Ch 2, work 1 hdc in each ch, end with a sl st in 2nd ch. Cut yarn.

There are some ends to weave in. I hid the first end in the hdc (crocheting over them, sort of), but for the other end, there's no such easy solution, I believe.

You can of course use other colours, to make it less christmasy.

3. desember 2012

♥ 3 ♥ Christmas market at Maihaugen ♥

 My favourite Christmas market.

Ready for Christmas dinner at the minister's house.

And the market!

Btw - have you ordered Kate Davies' book
I did this morning, can't wait for it to arrive...!

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