5. desember 2012

♥ 5 ♥ Christmas theater- for children and others ♥

Last night, at Maihaugen, with Riksteateret.
Great fun!

If you don't know "Pulverheksa", you should get to know her. 
She lives in "Pulverskogen" with her cat and crow. 
There are several books about her.
I have not found that they've been translated. 
The author's name is Ingunn Aamodt, 
you can read abour her on Wikipedia in Norwegian 
and in Faroese (!) but not in English.

Pulverheksa is played by Maj Britt Andersen.

If you have the chance to see this before Christmas, it's highly recommended by me!

2 kommentarer:

Mary Lou sa...

I'm having fun following your advent calendar!

Tori sa...

Glad you enjoy it, Mary Lou!

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