30. januar 2016

Mystery solved

The last clue was revealed yesterday, 
and what a wonderful delight 
to see all the finished mittens  
popping up in all their glory on Ravelry. 

Thanks to Knitnetty for this pretty pattern, 
and to the super supportive Ravelry group 
for hosting the MKAL

24. januar 2016


When I was gifted this candlestick, I fell in love with the cute goats and immediately thought of using them in a hat pattern - the pattern name also came quickly.

My plan was to use different colours for each goat, but I decided to make a two-coloured version first, just to try it out. Here I used one of my favourite yarns, Pickled Pure Wool.

For the multi-coloured hat I used lots of different left over yarn. 
And a new to me technique - intarsia in the round. 
It's ok for a small project like a hat. 

I recently had the chance to try it in the cold, and it works perfectly. 

There will be a pattern in a little while. 

3. januar 2016

2016 finishing & mending - monthly resolutions

I have many ufos, and other project in need of repair. My resolution for 2016 is to try to do something about this. One project a month. Please join if you want to support me - or are in need of support yourself! I have made a thread in my Ravelry group for this. 

For January the project is mitten mending. I like to use wool mittens when I go skiing. But skiing is hard on the mittens, and they sometimes need a little darning. 

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