24. januar 2016


When I was gifted this candlestick, I fell in love with the cute goats and immediately thought of using them in a hat pattern - the pattern name also came quickly.

My plan was to use different colours for each goat, but I decided to make a two-coloured version first, just to try it out. Here I used one of my favourite yarns, Pickled Pure Wool.

For the multi-coloured hat I used lots of different left over yarn. 
And a new to me technique - intarsia in the round. 
It's ok for a small project like a hat. 

I recently had the chance to try it in the cold, and it works perfectly. 

There will be a pattern in a little while. 

2 kommentarer:

Deborah sa...

A delightful design. There is nothing quite like a fun hat to wear when it's winter! I've done a bit of intarsia in the round, You used the texhnique effectively. Well done!
x Deborah

Berit Stormarken sa...

Så fine luer

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