28. februar 2017


From now on, I will no longer update this blog. I have a Norwegian blog, where I from now on will post sometimes in English, sometimes in Norwegian. Please have a look! Today's post in in English, about a Mystery in March. Welcome!

4. februar 2017

Fire Festival KAL - an FO!

I wrote about the Fire Festival Knitalong here
I love the colours they chose for this KAL. 

I have made a cardigan for my niece - using Wenche Roald's pattern Lille Vinterstjerne
The cardigan is worked bottom up, with a steek - of course.

Ribbing k2, p2, instead of k1, p1. 
6 colours instead of 2 for the stranded patterns. 
Added some more diamonds on the sleeves. 
Worked the rest in a single colour instead of strips. 
Added my own star pattern for the yoke.  

So the finished cardigan looks quite different than the original, but it's always nice to have numbers and measurements to follow. And Wenche's patterns are always well written. 

29. januar 2017

Yellow favourite!

I have a new favourite yellow cardigan! 
Yarn from Easyknits bought at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. The colour is amazing, and the yarn is lovely, a mixture of 55% Exmoor Blueface, 25% White Wensleydale, 10% Grey Wensleydale and 10% Zwarbles 
The pattern is Sherbet, by Katya Frankel. Well written and easy to follow pattern. The lace pattern is decorative and super simple, learnt after the first repeat. I love the vintage feel of it, and absolutely recommend the pattern. 

Btw, in case someone wonders - my lovely grey shawl, also in yarn bought at EYF 2016, that was lost, has reappeared: Somebody did not pay attention when the moved my bike down under the terrace when the snow came. 

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