30. august 2012

Knitting on the road

Worked with left overs: Katia Austral, Pickles Baby Merino, Pickles Extra Fine Merino and Rauma Babygarn. Perfect pattern for knitting on the road!


Worked size 10 years for a boy that just turned 7, made the sleeves slightly shorter, otherwise followed the pattern's measurements. My boy is not a tiny 7-year old, but he's not huge either, so looks like the sizes are a bit on the small side.

I think the sleeves are a little bit tight under the arms. The pattern says you can pick up some stitches under the arm and knit them together on next round, to avoid a hole (or you can sew after finishing). Next time I would pick up some stitches and work a few rounds before decreasing these sts. 

Worked garter stitch brim in stead of folded brim for sleeves and body. I think it looks nice for this sweater,
 and I avoided any purling and seaming. 

Buttons from stash, too!

26. august 2012

Cycle race hat!

Thanks to Gitte, Monstermønster , and Anne for comments on my blogpost about left over ideas. (And thanks to Gitte for encouraging comment yesterday). Monstermønster says she makes mittens from her scrap yarn. She sure makes other things too, have a look at her scrap yarn projects. And Anne makes socks!

And lately; I've been making hats from my scrap yarn.  I'm back from holiday with a few FOs to show you, here's the first one.

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Pattern is the Cycle Race Beanie, by Sandra Jäger.
She makes lots of fun, small colourwork projects and charts.

The hat is for a colleague who turned 29 for the 11th time this summer.
She usually rides a bike to work, all year round. In winter she'll need a hat (if she can fit it under her helmet).

  • Different edging, used the edging with earflaps from this pattern, and then a latvian braid.
  • Changed the number charts with initials and some other numbers and stripes.
  • The original hat looked a little puckery on the top. So I decreased 18 sts before the crown decreases, reducing the number of bikes on top of the hat from 8 to 7, which worked fine, I think.

25. august 2012

Grrr.... Blogger

I sat down to start blogging some holiday knitting and discovered my navbar was gone. Without me having done anything. I can manage without, but it annoys me, and I can't figure out why it happened and how to fix it. And trying to fix it, I messed up other things and spent too much time without getting anywhere. That's what I hate about blogging. Anybody who can help? Or just cheer me up?
I went for a walk, took a photo of a pretty flower and had a cappuccino, which has improved my mood! Hope to show you some FOs soon!

4. august 2012

Left over projects

I see that people are wondering about how to use their scrap yarn.

One pattern has become very popular this summer: Leftie by Martina Behm.

There is a new group ano Ravelry for scrap yarn ideas, Scraps of Joy.

My Octopetala scarf is another idea.

I have used scrap yarn for my two Sheep Heid hats, you need very little of each colour, and if you don't follow the colour scheme exactly, you can also use very small amounts, especially for the crown of the hat.

Sanna Vatanen has some nice ideas in her book "Stricka och Virka med restgarn". As far as I can see, the book is availble in Finnish and Swedish. On Ravelry here.

Granny squares are well known, of course. Here's another nice square that needs very small amounts of  yarn for the circles. Le vesinet by Sigrun Hugøy. I tested the pattern a couple of years ago.

 Le Vesinet d'Automne

And there's the the beekeeper's quilt, of course!

What's your favorite way to use scrap yarn?

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