30. august 2012

Knitting on the road

Worked with left overs: Katia Austral, Pickles Baby Merino, Pickles Extra Fine Merino and Rauma Babygarn. Perfect pattern for knitting on the road!


Worked size 10 years for a boy that just turned 7, made the sleeves slightly shorter, otherwise followed the pattern's measurements. My boy is not a tiny 7-year old, but he's not huge either, so looks like the sizes are a bit on the small side.

I think the sleeves are a little bit tight under the arms. The pattern says you can pick up some stitches under the arm and knit them together on next round, to avoid a hole (or you can sew after finishing). Next time I would pick up some stitches and work a few rounds before decreasing these sts. 

Worked garter stitch brim in stead of folded brim for sleeves and body. I think it looks nice for this sweater,
 and I avoided any purling and seaming. 

Buttons from stash, too!

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