September 1, 2012

Dreaming of Provence - hat pattern

My "Dreaming of Provence" hat pattern is finally ready!

Hats in colours and patterns inspired by Provence. The pattern has three versions, a beanie, a more slouchy hat, and a beret .

Thanks a lot to my test knitters Garnhumlan, Babben and Kirsti! And thanks to SummerMelody for proofreading the English version. 

Pattern details:

Size and measurements 

Beanie: The circumference of the hat is 53 cm / 21 inches
Slouchy hat and beret: The circumference of the ribbing is 50 cm / 20 inches for both models.
The size is adult medium. The stranded fabric beeing less elastic than the ribbling, all models fit a head circumference of 54-56 cm (21-22 inches).
Yarn: You can use fingering yarn left overs in suitable colours. For each flower row, you need appr. 8 g (28 m / 31 yd) of each colour for the beret, and only 5-6 g (appr 20 m / 22 yd) for the beanie. 
The beanie features a latvian braid on the bottom edge, whereas the slouchy hat and the beret have a cabled ribbing, with a contrast coloured edge.
The flower charts can be mixed and matched as you wish. There are four flower charts, sunflower, poppies, lavender and almond flower, and similar decreasing charts.
Price  $ 5

5 kommentarer:

Berit said...

So nice and very colourful hats you make. It makes a person happy looking at them. Have a nice day

Vibekes lille ullne said...

Dette var en skikkelig gladlue! Nydelige blomstermønstre, må nok inn på Ravelry en tur og putte den i køen min. :)

Mary Lou said...

Cute! Too bad it's not scratch and sniff. Lavender....

Judith said...

Veldig fint mønster, glade farger er ikke et minus det heller.

torirot said...

Thanks, all of you! MaryLou, I'm sorry I don't have a sniffing blog! And I'm afraid my lavender didn's survive last winter.. We'd better go to Provence :-)

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