19. september 2012

Recycling with shell stitch

Mostly knitting lately, but with the Potholder Swap, I need to change into crochet mode. These are my latest crochet projects:

An old tunic, bought in Tanzania 20 years ago. I love the fabric, but the neckline did not look good. So I cut off the bad parts, folded the fabric and worked chain stitch along the edge. From the inside, I then worked sc through the chain stitches, and then shell stitch. Brilliant, don't you think?

And the same shell stitch on this lacy underskirt, here I just worked the sc row through the lacy fabric. The dress is made from a XXXL tunic bought in a  thrift store. I love the fabric, and copied one of my favourite dresses from Desigual to make this one.

Btw, there is still time to join the swap!!

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