29. januar 2017

Yellow favourite!

I have a new favourite yellow cardigan! 
Yarn from Easyknits bought at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. The colour is amazing, and the yarn is lovely, a mixture of 55% Exmoor Blueface, 25% White Wensleydale, 10% Grey Wensleydale and 10% Zwarbles 
The pattern is Sherbet, by Katya Frankel. Well written and easy to follow pattern. The lace pattern is decorative and super simple, learnt after the first repeat. I love the vintage feel of it, and absolutely recommend the pattern. 

Btw, in case someone wonders - my lovely grey shawl, also in yarn bought at EYF 2016, that was lost, has reappeared: Somebody did not pay attention when the moved my bike down under the terrace when the snow came. 

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