22. april 2012

Ear flap swatching

Working on a Lillehammer hat. Short row shaping of ear flaps.

ETA: Just noticed this is my post number 300. Wow! Not the most sensational post, but I'm quite happy with my ear flaps. Have a nice Sunday out there!

19. april 2012

Fun with Ravelry ads

I have made a Ravelry ad for Group Forum Banners, 
you might see it in this group, for example. 
Spring is maybe not the best time 
to make advertisements for mittens, 
but I just wanted to try. 

And it was so fun to make these banners, 
so I made some more... 
They¨re not published yet, 
but maybe they will be later. 

17. april 2012

There's a fly on your sweater!

When I first saw this fly, I knew I had to use it at some point. I asked the designer, and she made it available as a chart on Ravelry.

Then I fell in love with the cowl "Stripes to keep me warm". And I saw lots of stripy sweaters on Ravelry (like this and this), and felt I needed a stripy sweater too.

Two skeins of Kauni Effektgarn bought for a long forgotten project to be, were fetched from stash, and striping started. I discovered the jogless stripes technique - you might notice the colour changes here, but it's not very obvious, is it?

 Not a perfect shot, but at least a modelled one!

The sweater is worked top down, starting out as in the "Stripes to keep me warm" cowl pattern. Obviuously a lot shorter neck than the cowl. I did the first increase as in the cowl pattern. The second increase was incorporated into the first rows of housefly chart. I divided for sleeves and body using the EZ percentage system

I did some shaping on the body  as I went, should have started it a bit earlier, but wool is forgiving and it looks nice enough, I think. I love wearing it!

Well done, Tori, first finished big project in a long time!

15. april 2012

New project bag

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Found this pattern on Pinterest, Origami Lotus Bag. You find the free tutorial here.

It's surprisingly easy to make, I'll definitely make more! Would make a perfect gift for a knitter, with a nice skein or two inside.

14. april 2012

Mittens and places #3

Moelv is a small town close to Lillehammer. The local newspaper recently announced that they now have an official Moelv mitten!

Hamar, our neighbouring larger town south of Lillehammer also has an official mitten, Hamarvotten. (Lillehammer originally means "small Hamar")

We don't have an official mitten pattern - but here's the unofficial Lillehammer mitten pattern, now also in English!

The pattern has been test knitted by Alice and Dominique. Thanks a lot, both of you!

11. april 2012

Spring in Stockholm

Four cute girls started school in 1975. Since that, they have had a lot of fun, and now they're going to Stockholm together. At least one of them would like to visit a yarn shop or two. They would all like to visit second hand shops, and they want to visit som nice cafés too. They're not planning on visiting museums, but might visit an art gallery if the happen to pass by one. They think Stockholm in spring must be a nice place to be. 

Any suggestions as to what to visit?

9. april 2012

Easter exhibiton 2012 at Pellestova

Easter exhibition 2012 at Pellestova

Remember last year's Easter exhibition?
After one year, this seems to have become a tradition. 
This year I was not able to be there on the opening, 
but I visited on the last day yesterday.

I like both the dress and the painting at the entrance (both were sold, and not to me..)

Here are some dresses that were still not sold, 
you can find them in Hedvig's Epla shop (Norwegian Etsy)

Easter exhibition 2012, Pellestova

And you can see more of Thor Arne's paintings here.

Or you can go to Pellestova next Easter! It's a lovely place!

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