13. desember 2008

Knitty and not knitty

The winter issue of Knitty has been up for a couple of days, with lots of nice patterns. I'm most likely to be making Fern Glade (hat) or Poinsettia (neckwarmer). There are also some nice cardigans, but there are already too many of those in my queue...

Knitty was my door into the knitting world on the Internet, after I found the site some years ago now. I remember I worked my way through the Flora pattern, with a Norwegian - English vocabulary.

My Phantasy did not make it into Knitty. If you're on Ravelry, you can check out other designs that didn't make it: Visit the Almost Knitty group.

Thanks to these pretty girls for modelling. And thanks to Pinneguri for showing me Marnie's tutorial for using Excel to design colourwork.

1 kommentarer:

Pinneguri sa...

Så flink du er! Selv om du bare er Almost Knitty ;) Visste ikke at sånne fantes engang, jeg.

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