24. april 2009

Hippocampes français - - - French sea horses

Pour mes lecteurs français, mes moufles hippocampes en français! – traduit par Christine, Christine73 en Ravelry. Ravelry Download -vous le trouvez ici. (Même si vous n'êtes pas membre.)

Merci beaucoup, Christine!

Christine asked nicely if she could translate my hippocampus mittens to French. So I'm happy to announce that the pattern is now available in French also! The English pattern can still be found on The Inside Loop, winter 2008 issue.

21. april 2009

Football hats

A new addiction - designing football hats!

I made the Barcelona hat first, and decided to sell the pattern to raise money for a football ground in the neighbourhood. Then a friend said " If you make a Milan hat, I'll buy it!" So I did, and got two more square meters of artificial grass. And I've made the pattern available for sale. Then my sister wanted to buy at hat for a Viking fan (Norwegian club in Stavanger). And then came Manchester United (there are lots of ManU fans in Norway, I could probably sell lots of hats if I made more, but it's more fun designing new hats, than knitting the same twice.)

Liverpool is on the needles (also a big Norwegian fan club). And people have asked for Juventus and Lyn (Norwegian club in Oslo), so I'll be busy... The ManU and Milan patterns are available in Norwegian, I'm going to translate the ManU pattern to English, the Viking pattern is coming (probably little interest outside Norway)... When I tire from this, I'll finish the Owl sweater...

This is our current football ground....

....and this is what we want!

13. april 2009

What's wrong with this hat?

I needed some small projects to bring on easter holiday. This was one of them. And what's wrong with it?

First, I've been told the colours are wrong.
Second, the pattern is too big, and covers more than half the hat, so you don't really see what it is. Or do you?
Third, the text should have been placed under the gun, in stead of over.
Fourth, I don't remember..

Otherwise, the hat is ok. The receiver is happy. And so am I. I have learnt a new stitch pattern that I used for the border. Found it on Liselotte's blog (Danish). She calls it "vævestrik". I don't know what it's called in English, literally translated it would be "weaving stitch" or something like that. It's quite simple, you only use one colour at a time, slipping the other stitches. Liselotte has made a nice photo tutorial. It gives a nice firm border.

As for the pattern, I'm thinking of remaking it using a thinner yarn, so you see the text and the motif more clearly. But my to-do-list is getting long... And spring is here...

8. april 2009

Astronomist's hat

My mother is an astronomist (not to be confounded with astrologist!) - and this hat is designed for her. Cassiopeia in the front, the Big Dipper (or the Plough in Britain) in the back, and the North Star on the top.

The pattern is for the moment only available in Norwegian. It’s sold to raise money for a football ground for the children in the neighbourhood.

Yarn: For the main colour, I used to strands og Rauma Lamullgarn held together, and for the contrasting colour I used to strands of Kauni effektgarn.
Sizes: The pattern gives instruction for three sizes, small, medium and large, by differences in gauge (23, 24 or 26 sts per 10 cm)

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