9. august 2016

S for summer and shawls *3*

I call this shawl "Norsk sommer", which means Norwegian summer. It is inpired by the colours of summer in Norway. Originally I made it as a baby blanket, but as it was growing I saw that it would make a lovely shawl when folded double. 

I have used yarn from my stash, except for a couple of green balls that I bought to add more variety to the greens. It is all 2ply fingering yarn, Rauma Finullgarn, Sjølingstadgarn, J&S 2ply jumper weight and probably some other as well. 

The shawl (or blanket) is worked from the centre out, following the same recipe as the "Hurramegrundt" baby blanket that I made last spring

I am working on the Norwegian version of the pattern, so if you're interested in test knitting (and knows Norwegian), please let me know. 

4. august 2016

S for summer and shawls *2*

I bought this lovely red yarn at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  It's a Swedish yarn that I hadn't seen before. Extraordinarily red, soft and woolly. The link is for the Swedish site. I bought the yarn from an English based shop run by a couple, I believe she is Swedish and he is British. I bought two skeins, planning for a shawl - every woman needs a red shawl, doesn't she?

The skein in the photo is the darker - dyed on grey yarn. There was only one skein left of that, so I got one brighter skein dyed on white too. Then I had to figure out how to combine the two.

I didn't use a pattern for this shawl. I started with one stitch and worked a triangle, as I learnt from Gudrun Johnstons Aestlight pattern.

I knitted until I almost ran out of the bright red colour, then cast off the triangle. I picked up the yarn over loops on the sides and worked a feather and fan pattern, based on Kate Davies' Northmavine Hap pattern from her book, Colours of Shetland. When I was happy with the border lenght, I cast off. 

A perfect shawl for a chilly summer evening in Norway. 

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