26. august 2009

Cavalos marinhos - portuguese sea horses

I'm happy to announce that my sea horse mittens
are available in Portuguese!

Translation is by Susana (Acucena on Ravelry).

Obrigada, Susana!! Thank you!

21. august 2009

My corset tank top

I finished my corset tank top this summer - it was a fun knit, easier than I thought it would be, and the result is even better than I hoped. It's definitely a pattern I would recommend to lace newbies, and I might make it again.

I used Brilla from my stash. Didn't think of this pattern at first, but then I searched Ravelry projects that had used Brilla, and I found Marnie's tank. I asked her how much she had used, and saw that I would probably have enough. Isn't Ravelry a great resource? (Later I realised my skeins were not the same lot, and the nuances were quite different. So I bought some multicoloured Brilla, and worked 1-4 rounds og yellow and 1-3 of multicoloured.) I used appr. 6 skeins altogether.

Looks strange when not worn..

Modifications: Worked in the round - partly because the colour changes made that the easiest, partly because I don't like purling, partly because I don't like sewing buttons (all in all - because I'm lazy...)

17. august 2009

New blog design

I was happy when I managed to get a left sidebar earlier this summer. But after a while I dicovered some bugs - some links weren't showing properly, they would only show when you moved the mouse over them - a little annoying. So I redid everything, this time using a free template from bloggerbuster. I think it's ok now. I don't like spending so much time on these things. I had to redo some of the widgets in the sidebar, but I got the label cloud I've been wanting automatically.

More interesting, Twist Collective Autumn 2009 is up. I have just browsed it quickly, and these are my faves so far: Piper by Christa Giles, and Vine yoke cardigan by Ysolda Teague.

15. august 2009

Nice things seen in Gothenburg

"Kram zon" = Hugging zone

I also found a nice yarn store, Strikk.
"Strikk" means "knit" in Swedish
(and in Norwegian, these are closely related languages)

12. august 2009

Summer holiday hat production

It's been a rainy summer...

The patterns will soon be available, Norwegian team hats here, Arsenal here and Holland here.

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