1. juni 2009

English football hats

ETA 2011: All these patterns are now available for free, and you find them here.

This will be the English football hats' post. The post will be updated when new patterns are made.

The patterns and the hats are all sold to raise money for two new football fields for the kids in our town.


Norwegian pattern and
English pattern

You'll never walk alone!

Norwegian pattern

English pattern

The Gunners!
English pattern available

Aston Villa

English pattern available

Chelsea hat -

English pattern available

4 kommentarer:

Aji Yulianto sa...

I`m sorry Tori, you can delete my comment after this.
I wanna share with you, i just finished a hat for someone, he is my neighbour.
I made it use your motif, you`re inspiring me. Thank you very much.!!
My english so bad, so my blog use indonesia, maybe later i`ll use english on my web..:D

torirot sa...

Oh, I looked at your hat - it looks great! Nice work. My Indonesian is terrible :-) so I hope you'll continue to comment in English!

Anonym sa...


Er det mulig å kjøpe Arsenal-lueoppskriften på norsk?? eller bare på engelsk??

torirot sa...

Hei - mønsteret finnes både på norsk og engelsk. Det norske kjøpes ved å overføre kr 50 til 0538 66 07089, og sende en e-post til tseierst@yahoo.com, så får du det som vedlegg til e-post.

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