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27. november 2016

Bad shawl karma

During Edinburgh Yarn Festival I knitted this brown shawl. It soon became one of my favourites, pretty and wearable as it was. The pattern is Spring Festival, by Jo Kelly. 

So I brought it with me to Shetland Wool Week, where I also casted on a different shawl, in a Wensleydale wool from John Arbon. If I'm not mistaken, the yarn was a special batch that's not part of their usual yarns. Anyway, the yarn is soft and lovely to work with, a bit fluffy and shiny, like mohair. 

I enjoyed the knitting - the pattern is Velvet Rose Shawl by Helen Stewart, aka Curioushandmade.

I loved my new shawl, even more as I mislaid the brwn shawl somewhere in Lerwick. At the moment, the new shawl also has an unknown location, but I'm hoping it will show up again. Luckily I have another skein of the yarn, but I'm not feeling like casting on another shawl just yet. 

1 kommentarer:

Heidi sa...

Så förargligt att den är på avvägar:s

En favoritsjal är trots allt inte lätt att ersätta. Jag hoppas att den kommer tillrätta så fort som möjligt!

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