14. februar 2015

New hat pattern - Tuintje

This cute little hat - beanie or beret depending on your taste - is a quick knit in worsted weight yarn (or fingering yarn held double as with the pickles merino tweed). It features a ribbed brim, a flower wreath and if you wish, a contrast coloured crown. 

The price is 25 NOK, just over 3 USD.
Today, and till noon tomorrow (Norwegian time)
you can get 50% off using the coupon code valentine. 
You find the pattern here.

3. februar 2015

"Eventyrlua" - Fairy Tale Hat in English

   The hat "Eventyrlua" has been available in Norwegian for a little while, you can see the Ravelry projects here.

The pattern was inspired by the Fairy Tale Flower mittens, "Eventyrblomster" from the mitten e-book, "Mittens from the Fairy Forest".

It was fun to figure out how to make the brim. 
Using slip stitches, you only work with one colour at a time. 
(Don't look too closely, though, I see a mistake in the colourwork.)

Here's the hat test knitted by Wenche. She chose not to swap main and contrasting colour in the different panels. She even has matching mittens!

Like it? You find it on Ravelry, or you can click the buy now button. 

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