29. april 2010

Molde football hat&headband pattern

The pattern is now available in Norwegian!

The patterns shows the MFK logo and the famous "Molde panorama ".
You can choose to make a headband, as in the photo, or a hat.
The price is 50 Nkr, and the money goes directly to new football fields for children.

Thanks to Audun and Nathalie for modelling and photographing!
In case you wonder, it's the Molde panorama you see in the background.

27. april 2010

Christmas gift along - A p r i l

The April gift is another "sock yarn mitten pattern balaclava". The first one was for a big headed four year old, this one is for a little boy who'll turn two this summer. I hope it will fit. Otherwise, maybe a little brother or sister can wear it later on.

I used two different mitten patterns for this hat: The tree pattern is from Tree Mittens, Vogue Knitting winter 2010. The birds in the tree is from "Bird Mitten Chart", a free pattern by Hanneke Sieben. You can download it from her Ravelry shop.

The yarn is handpainted sock yarn from Ninukka and Black Cat Fibres (etsy shops).

20. april 2010

Look what I got in the mail today

Lucky me - here's my price in Pinneguri's Easter contest.
Thanks again, Pinneguri!

I love the colours of that skein of Wollmeise - I'm not sure what to make of it yet, but certainly something for myself, a shawl maybe - any suggestions?

18. april 2010

Stranded colourwork anyone?

If you enjoy stranded colourwork, you should check out the links in Pinneguri's post, "Mønsterstrikker, la deg inspirere" .There are several small treasures. This is one of my favourites:

I've been wanting to make the Paperdolls sweater for a while, but I've decided to use another pattern on the yoke, something with birds, I've been thinking. And here it was. Thank you, Pinneguri!

There are so many versions of Paperdolls out there. Jettshin (Ravelink) has made five so far, check them out on Flickr: with snails, hedgehogs, birds, owls and paperdolls.

The designer is Kate Davies, designer of the popular Owls sweater.

Here is my yarn:

I have heard so much about Wollmeise sock yarn, and have finally been able to purchase a few skeins. I will use the purple as main colour, but am not sure about the rest. The other colours are from Ninukka and Black Cat Fibres (etsy shops). I love the yellow, but am afraid it will be too catchy. And the green is a little colder than I like. But the grey is boring. And the blue is beautiful, but will give too little contrast for the main pattern. The red is nice too, but I'm not sure I'm in the mood for a purple/red sweater.

What do you think?

17. april 2010

I thought I had a finished object...

but alas...

it's not always wise to crochet while watching football matches....

13. april 2010

My lucky week!

On Saturday, Pinneguri announced me as winner of her Easter contest. And today I heard, first by a congratulation from Knitnetty on Ravelry, and later directly from the publisher Samlaget, that my Selbu Sea Horse mitten won an extra price in their Selbu Mitten contest. You can see all the winners on their site. And spring is finally here!

9. april 2010

Knitting in colour - y e l l o w

A new post in the "Knitting in colour"-series inspired by Judith. And the colour is yellow! I notice that many say pass, - sorry, I don't have any yellow projects. But I do - yellow used to be my favourite colour. As a child, I felt that an outfit without yellow in it, was really dull, I felt grey without something yellow, as if the yellow would lighten me up as the sun.

I'm actually knitting in yellow at the moment: This is my Easter knitting that I mentioned in my postcard in the last post.

I don't use as much yellow as I did as a child, and I do worry that this Audrey in Unst-cardigan will be too yellow... but we'll see. The pattern is from Twist Collective autumn 2009, and the designer is Gudrun Johnston. Pickles sold their "Easter-coloured" yarn with 20% discount, and on an impulse, I bought this Sunflower yarn. I had been looking for yarn for this cardigan for a while, and this fine merino yarn had the right weight.

But I have some finished projects, too:
Textured Tweed Clutch, by Mari Lynn Patrick,
(Click on the photo for details.)

My own design, the yellow scrap gnomy.

(Click on photo for details.)

And last, but not least, my Corset Tank Top , by Annie Modesitt .

Click on the photo if you're interested in the details.

4. april 2010

Easter postcard

"Dear Pinneguri,

I hope you've had a nice Easter holiday. Thank you so much for your invitation to tell about my "Påsketur" (Easter trip).

The photo shows me (ie my feet) in front of the fireplace. I made the socks many years ago, for my husband, actually. But I've sort of taken them back, because he never uses them. I think they're too small, and probably it's not his colours, either. (I don't really blame him, and I'm happy to have the socks to myself ;-) )

We celebrated Easter in what is supposed to be a traditional Norwegain Easter holiday: With family, in a mountain cottage, skiing, playing in the snow, reading crime novels (well, acutally, I read Knausgård), eating chocolate and oranges, playing cards and other games. This should be combined with s u n, and the smell of sunscreen, which was not the case this year. It was cloudy and snowy.

Wool is an essential part of such an Easter holiday.

I made this clothes hanger at school when I was about eleven. I remember I had sewn it together with blue yarn, and my teacher made me unravel it and do it over with yellow and blue yarn alternating. I found her extremely stupid!

I also had the opportunity to get a modelled photo of my brother's last Christmas gift, "L
atvian hat".

I understand you went abroad for your holiday, Pinneguri, that was probably a good idea. But in spite of the weather, we all agreed it was an nice Easter. And now, we're looking forwards to a warm and sunny spring! Have a nice day!

Best wishes, Torirot

PS Of course there was some knitting too, more about that later."

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