8. januar 2010

Hats - lost, knitted, crocheted and queued

I made this hat for my brother for Christmas (he lost the hat I gave him last year the first time he wore it, on Boxing day last year...).

I'm planning a tunic for myself using Latvian stars, and I used this hat to try out the motifs. I also decided to give the Latvian braid another try (The first and the last time I did, I found it very tricky, and that's probably the reason why this sock is still single. Well, the braid doesn't show in the photo, but there is one on the cuff.) I found this tutorial, because I had forgotten how to do it. And you should purl, with to colours, and hold the yarn in front of your work, which is an awkward thing to do. So I thought, instead of purling with the yarn in front of the work, why not knit with the yarn behind the work? So I tried that, and it worked perfectly. Just turned the worked with a wrap and turn. I think I'll make more braids like that. I also want to try this Latvian twist one day.

The stars I found in this book, on Flickr and on this site.

This FCBarcelona hat I made last winter has also disappeared. We all suspect it will reappear at some point, behind a shelf or in a bag, but winter is now (- 25 today) and another hat was requested, a hat like the new Barcelona ball. I first consiedered knitting, but decided that would involve to much calculation and swatching, so crocheting was a better option. And the receiver was happy.

Lost, knitted, crocheted and queued -A couple of my Ravelry friends, have recently released new patterns: Asplund's Sigge hat is a very nice hat in stranded colourwork with two colours - his first published pattern. Hopefully not his last. In my queue. And Woolly Wormhead, definitely not her first hat pattern, she has lots of nice patterns - but I especially liked this one: The hat with no name (as yet). She has got lots of name suggestions on her blog, mine was Galaxis. Have a look here to see why.

That was today's hat update, now back to mitten knitting.

4 kommentarer:

Gabriela sa...

Me impresiona cómo, en tan pocas líneas, has podido entregar tanta excelente información, útil, y además mostrar tu nuevo gorro Barcelona.
Lástima que el que tejiste a palillos se haya extraviado, haciendo allá tanto frío.
En crochet te quedó estupendo, eres una genia :D:D:D

Gracias por todo!

(Entiendo absolutamente todo lo que escribes, pero darte opiniones en inglés se me hace muy difícil!!!)

torirot sa...

Gracias, Gabriela!

(Me encanta el castellano, espera que sigas comentando en tu idioma! El Inglés tampoco es mi lengua materna. Voy aprendiendo el lenguaje castellano de tejer, pero parece que hay un montón de palabras distintas en el mundo hispanohablante. Tejer a palillos nunca lo había oído.)

Gabriela sa...

(pues escribes estupendamente! Eres de España, o de Noruega?
Y sí, en Chile se le llama palillos a lo que en otros países se le conoce como agujas.
A veces digo agujas también, para no estar siempre tan sectorizada, pero palillos me encanta. Me parece una forma tierna de decir palitos.)

Besitos para ti! :D

torirot sa...

Soy de Noruega, pero me encanta aprender otros idiomas y he estudiado el castellano, y también he vivido un año en España (Oviedo).

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