22. januar 2010

Knitting in colour - r e d -

This time Judith 's colour challenge is red. I like red, and obviuously, football teams do too - I used a lot of red making football hats last year.

I also have a red hat myself, made many years ago, still in use when I go skiing. The red garter stitch scarf is a gift from a friend.

And here's an even older sweater.

The photo is not so good, but you can see there are cables. It's nice and warm, but not very elegant. And there are som stains on it, so I don't use it anymore. But I have been thinking of doing some kind of redesign, to make it more interesting and wearable, and remove or hide the stains in some way. We'll see.

And last, but not least, End of May mittens, by Mandy Powers, zigzagstitch on Ravelry.

My Phantasy hat in the background, hanging to dry.

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Thorunn sa...

I really liked your red hat!!!wo

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