6. januar 2010

Knitting in colour - b l u e -

Judith 's first colour challenge this year is blue.

I searched my Ravelry page for projects tagged with blue, and here's the result. I know there are more blue projects, although it's not the colour I use most, but I obviously haven't tagged them with "blue".

The first four happened to be my own designs:

1. Stella Polaris mittens To be published sometime soon (testknitting anyone?)

2. Scrap Gnomy more photos here

3. Hippocampus

4. Phantasy

The last three patterns are available from the left sidebar.

The next two are other designers' patterns:

5. Headigan by RedLipstick

6. Nicole by Chic Knits

The last two are made without pattern:

7. Baby hat more or less just crocheted as I went.

8. Child hat with elephant

2 kommentarer:

Rosalía sa...

I like the seahorse mittens!

Judith sa...

Du har mye fint i blått også du jo. Hver gang jeg lager et slikt fargerikt innlegg og får se alt det fine alle andre har strikket etterpå, får jeg sånn lyst til å strikke enda mer i den fargen. Det er godt jeg har litt garn å ta av, skulle bare hatt et hav av tid også;-)

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