1. januar 2010

2010 crafty resolutions

I usually don't make many resolutions at New Year, at least not vere explicit ones (they'r so easily broken.) But as the title of this post indicates, there has to be something, so here we go:

- I'll make two pair of socks.

- I'll make more mittens and less hats.

- I'll continue to try new patterns and techniques.

- I'll reduce my stash.

And, more specifically, to achieve the last goal, I'll finally finish my (modified) Babette Blanket. Ok, there I said it, so now there's no way back.. This is what I've got so far:

PS The poppies is a pattern from Liselotte, a free download (click on "mønstret" in her post to download it). Her blog is in Danish, but if you don't read that, you can always enjoy her photos. Or you can find her on Ravelry.

3 kommentarer:

yarndancer sa...

Wow, your blanket looks amazing! I like your resolutions, they seem quite achievable! Good luck with them!

Gabriela sa...

i wish to you the big success in your resolutions :)
also, the blanket look fantastic!

Monstermønster sa...

Kult babetteteppe! Utrolig orginalt.

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