29. januar 2010

"Du store alpakka" - what a dilemma!

"Du store alpakka" yarn company celebrates 50 000 visitors on their blog with a competition, and ask people to send them photos of their creative projects with their yarn.

Tonight I read that my blog friend Annepålandet was nominated with her wristwarmers. I went to vote for her - and then I saw I was one of the nominees as well, with this hat:

So that was the dilemma, who to vote for? But I did vote for Anne. Her wristwarmes are beautiful and original. But maybe some of you will vote for me - you can see all the nominees here.

My hat was made a couple of years ago, of "Tykk entrådet alpakka", now unfotrunately discontinued. I really loved that yarn, still have some in my stash, waiting to become mittens, I think, cabled ones probably.

1 kommentarer:

Rolf Barbakken/Knapper Alpakka sa...

Probably a good decision, although the others are good too.

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