12. januar 2010

Mittens - finished, in progress, pattern update, pattern writing, secret, faved

A brilliant pattern, End of May mittens, by Mandy Powers, zigzagstitch on Ravelry.

Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Merino (a new acquaintance of mine, will definitely use it again, it's super soft and warm, although a little splitty, soa you have to be awake)
Lining: Sandnes baby wool
Needles: 3,5 mm
Made for a trainee who is leaving us soon, so she won't forget us.

Fiddlehead mittens by Adrian Bizilia (Helloyarn) are still in progress. It's a brilliant pattern too, but the i-cord cast on was my first try, and the resulting stitches became to loose. I'll try to fix that when I start on the lining. I have wanted to make these since I saw them the first time. But I wanted the perfect colours, and could never decide. Now I just use them for stash busting, using Rauma Finullgarn for CC, and Kauni effektgarn for MC (the dark brown that was left from the blue and brown Hippocampus mittens).

The Inside Loop is closing down the website by the end of January. My Hippocampus pattern is now available also in English as a free Ravelry download (there has been a French and a Portugese version for a while). Just click on download now , and chose your preferred language. You can see more Hippocampus mittens in my Flickr gallery.

Stella Polaris mittens. Writing down the pattern is on my to do-list. Please send me a note if you're interested in test knitting, that might speed up my pattern writing.

Secret project for Selbu mitten contest by Samlaget (Norwegian publisher of Terri Shea's book about Selbu Mittens). I was inspired by Pinneguris blog post Dette er ikke en selbuvott. My mitten will hardly be approved by the Selbu purists (Norweigian link). I've called it "Selbuvott or not - dette er en ekte vott" (Selbu mitten or not, this is a real mitten). It was so fun to make these, that I've just started another pair of mittens, Selbu Peace&Love. Stay tune.

And here are som recent favourite mitten patterns, all in stranded colourwork:

Dala Selbu Hybrid by Wenche Roald
Northman Mittens by David Schulz
Tree mittens by Elli Stubenrauch
and Squirrel Sampler Mittens by Helloyarn as well

There are more... but enough for today!

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