30. september 2010

Giveaway - 1000 fabulous knit hats

I finally received my four books for beeing a runner up in the 1000 fabulous knit hats contest.

1000 hats are a lot of hats! It was so fun to look through the book, lots of inspiration. And it was really nice to see my pattern in a book!

If you want to win a book too, just leave a comment on this post before October 15th.

You can see the book's page on Ravelry. If you have a photo in the book, you can post that in this thread in the 1000 fabulous hats group on Ravelry.

20. september 2010

Norwegian flower for sale

Blomst (No.) Flower (Eng.)

The Blomst mitten pattern is now available in Norwegian! 3.50 $.

English pattern is coming, needs test knitting first.

The Norwegian pattern has been beautifully test knitted by Judith. Thanks a lot!

You need three colours of DK wool yarn. I used Rauma 3 ply strikkegarn ,50 g (105 meters / 115 yards) .

Yardage: Main colour: less than 50 g (105 meters / 115 yards), contrasting colour 1: less than 25 g (53 meters / 58 yards), contrasting colour 2: less than 30 g (63 meters / 69 yards).

So you can probably find something in your stash!

You'll also need two buttons, 18-20 mm (appr. 3/4 inch)

The mittens feature an unusual increasing, but is not more complicated to knit than an ordinary selbu mitten. And with a friendly gauge of 25 sts per 10 cm, it's a quick knit!

I had some yarn left after finishing the mittens. The yarn and the flower just begged to become a hat. I might be writing down the pattern for the hat as well... would you like that?

EDIT Sept 23: Have test knitters for the English pattern

14. september 2010

My aunt's stash

My aunt has been a prolific knitter. But now her fingers won't let her knit so much anymore, so she offered me a big bag of her stash. Hard to say no... My new year resolution was to reduce my stash, but resolutions are easily broken.

The yarn is mostly wool and cotton, for which there will be no problem finding projects. But there are also several skeins of a mohair/acrylic yarn, grey with red and pink spots. What to do with that?

The project is at the moment called What the .... will I do with this yarn??? I found a pattern in one of my books (Color Style: Innovative to Traditional, 17 Inspired Designs to Knit) and decided to try the Mohair Fair Isle sweater, by Mari Lynn Patrick. Interesting to see if it works out and becomes wearable, or not. Time will show.

I'm making several modifications, due to my preference of working in the round, in general for stockinette, and especially for stranded colourwork. So there will be steeking, and then I'm planning to pick up stitches and work the sleeves top down. Also partly because I'm not sure how far my skeins will reach.

9. september 2010

Christmas gift along - S e p t e m b e r

Surprise, surprise, the September Christmas gift is - a pair of mittens!

I was inspired by a KAL on Ravelry to pick up my Latvian mittens book by Lizbeth Upitis.

I used Finullgarn from my stash, and chose graph 116 from the book. I got gauge 30 - so I omitted part of the cuff pattern, and one repeat of the main pattern. Cast on 54 sts for the cuff, increased to 64 sts for the hand. Thumb opening after 4 cm of palm pattern. Felt a little bit like I was cheating, other people in the KAL are working at the traditional Latvian gauge of 40 sts per 10 cm.

5. september 2010

Non-competitive mitten

I'm in mitten mood... First of all, thanks for your nice comments on my last mitten post.

I heard about a mitten contest at garn.dk from Murf. I don't have time for that, was my first thought. But then mitten ideas started spinning around in my head. I had a look at their Shetland Wool, loved the colours, and ordered three of them.

Then I had a closer look at their site, looking for the contest rules. Terms of contest, it said, so I clicked there: Submit one mitten pattern, in one or more sizes, toghether with the knitted item (that you will get back) within the 27th of October. The yarn must be from garn.dk, and the pattern must not have been published anywhere else. And then the five prices, knitting needles and between 250 and 1000 Dkr (between 43 and 172 $), to buy yarn from garn.dk.

There was nothing about what would happen to the pattern, so I sent them an e-mail and asked.
- The winning patterns will be made available for free on the BC garn site.
Ok, but still nothing about copyright. I asked if the designer would keep the copyright, and for example be able to translate the pattern to English and make it available from Ravelry.
- No, Tori, that's not how it works. If you choose to participate in our contest, and win, we get the copyright.

Not a good deal, I thought. For between 250 and 1000 Dkr, they get the copyright for ever. Thanks, but no thanks. And I wonder, can they really do that, without stating it clearly in the contest terms? I know very little about law, but it does not seem right to me.

I don't know much about publicity either, but I wonder, is the copyright really that important for them? If I were to win such a contest, and for example make my pattern available on Ravelry, I would probably write something like "this pattern was number three in garn.dk's mitten contest" and I would link to their site.

What do you think?

Here's the mitten, by the way. I could not wait for the Shetland Wool to arrive, but used Rauma 3ply from my stash. I like it. And I see it in lots of different colours. But maybe not from garn.dk...

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