23. oktober 2012

Shetland Diary - Sunday

I've been teasing you with photos from Shetland, but some of you are curious, and want to hear more about the trip. So I'll try to satisfy you curiosity. It's been a busy week since I came back, but today I have a little time, and will start on Sunday, when we left from Oslo Airport Gardermoen at nine o'clock for Edinburgh (so you can imagine we had an early start that day!)

We had to wait some hours at the airport in Edinburgh, but we found a cafe (the only cafe in the arriving part of the airport, I believe), with a nice sofa and good coffee. And we had our knitting, so a couple of hours wait, didn't bother us. I was working on this mitten, btw.

Our flight to Sumburgh airport was early in the afternoon. I was a little starstruck when I saw Kate Davies in the check in line just behind me... And the plane was the smallest one I ever flew with, but all went fine, and after arriving, we even got to say hello to Kate. We also met Cathy at the airport, who offered us a lift into Lerwick, but we deicided to hire a car for a couple of days. We had realised when looking closer at the program, that many of the events did not take place in the capital, and without a car it would be difficult to attend. A map in the program would have been nice for those of us who doesn't know Shetland.

We stayed at Shetland Hotel. Not exactly a charming place, but the room was quite big, the food was ok, there was a sofa in the bar, where we could have beer and knit (well, on Sunday we hadn't figured that out yet, I'm anticipating). And it was really close to Jamieson & Smith, which probably was the best thing about it.

We were terribly hungry, and walked into town for dinner at Queens Hotel. We had a delicious lamb shank, and we were full and tired when we came back to our hotel, And really looking farwards to the rest of the week. Lerwick looked like a nice town, with many small galleries, shops, and nice architecture.

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WildflowerWool sa...

Looking forward to the rest of the week! I would love to be able to go one year.

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